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A Soup for the Season

Soup season is year-round for us. Mason jars of soup show up in the office fridge on a regular basis, and there is an occasional line for the microwave around noon. We swap soup recipes regularly and experiment with new flavors on the weekends. Bring us a loaf of crusty bread, and we’re set. Some would say we are soup obsessed, and it may be true. When you can blend and pour a hot soup in six minutes, the possibilities seem endless. Using sautéed or roasted vegetables expands the flavor profiles even further. Cooler evenings and the arrival of fall… Read more

fennel soup | Wolf Gourmet

Expand Your Soup Repertoire

It’s good to have a few soup recipes you can call on again and again for an easy meal. We think it’s time to change up your soup routine with something a little different. Fennel. Not familiar with fennel? I wasn’t either until a few years ago. In season from mid-fall to early spring, it’s most often associated with Italian cuisine. My first foray into cooking with it involved a very dull knife, a giant fennel bulb, and an extremely large bunch of Swiss chard. The dish involved some serious knife work, but after one bite of this sweet aromatic,… Read more

Wof Gourmet | Zucchini Soup

Extend your summer nights with soup

As the lazy days of summer begin to wind down, we want to maximize our time spent enjoying it. Spending less time in the kitchen means more time for outdoor pursuits, or perhaps relaxing on the patio with a glass of wine watching the sun dip below the horizon. However you spend your summer evenings, a quick meal can get you where you want to be in no time. Sure, you could get takeout on the way home. But what if you could make something in the time it takes to stop at the local deli? Our culinary team came… Read more

Aaron Deal

Meet the Chef: Aaron Deal

We had the pleasure of working with chef Aaron Deal at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival last month. Hailing from western North Carolina, Aaron’s inspiration comes from native southern ingredients and the farmers and artisans making a renaissance of fresh, local foods. He showcases them at The River and Rail in Roanoke, Virginia, where he is Executive Chef. A bistro with traditional southern flavors taking the occasional trip to another continent, it’s not uncommon to find a southern staple like collard greens turned into kim chi or a French pork fromage de tete served with ice box pickles. Since… Read more

Wolf Gourmet pea soup

Capturing the Season’s Flavor: Spring Pea Soup with Mint Oil

The season for fresh peas is short, as they are only grown and harvested in spring when the weather is cool. If you want to capitalize on the fleeting period for fresh peas, seek them out at your local market now. We combine the grassy freshness of fresh peas with aromatics and fresh mint to create a soup capturing the taste of spring. You’ll need about two pounds of fresh peas for this recipe. To shell them, snap off the stem end of the pod, and pull the string along the inner seam of the pod. Press the seam of… Read more

pasta e fagioli | @wolfgourmet

Pasta e Fagioli from The Clever Carrot

Pasta e Fagioli is the ultimate comfort food. Commonly known as pasta ‘fazool,’ this tomato and vegetable based soup originates from Italy. Recipes will vary according to region, but the main ingredients are primarily the same: beans and short cut macaroni. Here, Applewood smoked bacon is rendered into the broth lending a hint of sweet and smoky flavor. Aromatics including diced onions, carrots and celery are cooked until golden. To get ahead, keep a bag of these diced vegetables in your freezer; this soup will come together seamlessly for a quick and easy weeknight meal. Plus, stress less using your… Read more

A Bright, Curried Cauliflower Soup

Using a blender to prepare soup is a time saver, even when you want to make something special. This soup sounds like a lot of work, but it isn’t. You could even roast the cauliflower the night before and prepare the soup in mere minutes the next day. Roasting cauliflower intensifies its sweetness, and coating the cauliflower with an Asian-inspired yogurt curry glaze before roasting turns a sometimes lackluster vegetable into a bright and creamy soup base. The Wolf Gourmet countertop oven is the right size to roast a whole head of cauliflower on a 10×15 pan. Once the roasting… Read more

Roasted tomatoes | Wolf Gourmet

Roasted Tomato Soup

March is not tomato season, but cravings for a bowl of fresh tomato soup rarely subside. Roasting tomatoes in the oven enhances and intensifies their sweetness, and adding a combination of aromatics and brown sugar rounds out the flavor, transforming this out-of-season fruit into a deeply flavorful soup base. Nearly any combination of bread and cheese is a natural partner to tomato soup. Garlic-rubbed crostini you can dip into the soup is a match made in heaven. This recipe calls for a baguette, which has a hearty crust and delicate crumb. First, toast the bread and then rub each slice with… Read more

Corn Soup

Corn Soup with Chile Cream

Preparing soup from scratch can be a time consuming endeavor of chopping, stirring and simmering. But making soup in a blender lets you serve dinner quickly, so you have more time to enjoy conversation around the kitchen table. The Wolf Gourmet blender takes room temperature ingredients and turns them into steaming-hot soup in less than six minutes. This recipe features roasted corn and spicy cream. The soup’s velvety texture accented by the creamy, chipotle topping is unbeatable. You could also grill the corn to add an additional depth of flavor. Or, prepare the chili cream and roast the corn ahead… Read more

Creamy Cauliflower Soup | Wolf Gourmet

Creamy Cauliflower Soup from Heather Christo

This creamy, silky, snowy white cauliflower puree is the most beautiful bowl of healthy and tasty soup. I can never get over how pretty it is, and therefore it has made many appearances on my dinner party tables, and makes an absolutely perfect starter for Christmas or New Years dinner. The best part (besides its good looks) is how light it is. I sip the hot soup directly from the bowl, and have been known to finish a whole batch myself over a day or two- eek! I love a drizzle of truffle oil on the top, but have garnished… Read more

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