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Cottage Farm’s Molasses Ginger Loaf Cake

On a particularly early morning, I found myself sitting in one of London’s east end restaurants, working through details of a fast approaching and fairly high-pressure event. It was a misty wooly grey morning, and I had waited outside in the drizzle for someone to let me in. Being so early, the space was just a hair shy of warm, the ovens only having just begun their day’s labor. I ordered a cup of black coffee, imagining it would be the hottest thing on their early morning menu. A hand appeared in my peripheral vision and placed a plate in… Read more

multigrain bread

Multigrain Bread

Bread can make or break a sandwich, and baking your own takes time, we know. But the process and end result are so gratifying. There’s a world of different breads at your fingertips, all using a few basic ingredients that are probably already in your pantry. A long weekend is an ideal time to hone your bread-making skills with a new technique. If you’re new to bread making, don’t shy away from this recipe. It’s suitable for bakers at any level. These tips are helpful for preparing any type of dough: • Make sure the yeast is fresh (after opening,… Read more


3 Favorite Toppings for Toast

Far from simple white bread of yesteryear, the bread aisle at your local grocer or bakery is a plethora of choices. Toast can be the crunchy canvas for so many delicious toppings, so don’t overlook the toaster; use it for creating the perfect base for savory or sweet garnishes. Try an old favorite or create something new. The Wolf Gourmet toaster uses advanced technology for delicious results every time. Avocado toast Yes it’s a trend, and with good reason. It’s a simple, nutritious, and fast breakfast, lunch or snack. The juxtaposition of the creamy avocado and crunchy toast is a… Read more