Cook with Confidence: Chicken Roulade

Celebrating the end of the year with friends or family is certainly a special occasion. Planning a menu for guests with different dietary needs, however, can be a challenge. You may have friends who are gluten-free or following a paleo diet. With this classic (and impressive) main course, you can take on dinner planning with confidence. Roulade is an excellent dinner party entree and making it is easier than you might think. Just butterfly the chicken breast and pound to about ¾ inch thick. Season with salt and pepper, then top with prosciutto, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes. Tuck the ends… Read more

Pan-fried chicken

Cook with Confidence: Pan-Fried Chicken

If done right, classic pan-fried chicken is delightfully crispy, golden brown and lighter than deep frying chicken in a vat of oil. A crunchy crust with a hot, juicy interior can be tough to perfect, so here are a few tips for achieving delicious results every time you fry. Soak the chicken overnight in buttermilk. This serves two purposes – First, the lactic acid helps to tenderize the meat. Second, the buttermilk provides an even, thoroughly coated base to which the flour can adhere. Adding herbs and spices to the chicken before coating with flour keeps the seasoning close to… Read more

Roast chicken

Cook with Confidence: Roasted Bone-in Chicken Breasts with Garlic Gravy

This method for roasting chicken with convection will produce a flavorful breast with crisp skin and robust gravy. Because this recipe requires minimal preparation, you can keep it handy for busy evenings or when unexpected company drops by. Rub the chicken with olive oil and freshly chopped herbs, and add a head of garlic wrapped in foil (this will produce a more fragrant gravy). We suggest using the integrated temperature probe to alert you when the chicken has reached 160°F. While the chicken is resting, make the gravy using the pan drippings, roasted garlic, chicken stock and lemon juice.  … Read more