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Bring on the Brussels

You pushed them around on the plate as a child, hoping your mom would think you ate some. Now, Brussels sprouts have made a roaring comeback. People are actually craving them! The mighty sprout fills up Pinterest pages as aficionados share their favorite recipes for nutrient-packed side dishes. Chefs, home cooks, and bloggers alike have taken this humble little cousin of green cabbage and brought it to wonderful new heights. Gone are the days of steamed sprouts smelling up the kitchen. Meet Brussels sprouts 2.0. Boiling and steaming is out, sautéing and roasting is in. Spending time in a hot… Read more

Hasselback Potatoes | Wolf Gourmet

Go Beyond the Baked Potato with the Hasselback

The Hasselback potato is a nice riff on the traditional baked potato, and makes a fancy presentation without much additional effort. Named after a restaurant in Sweden, the cutting method involves thinly slicing the potato, but not all the way through. Its unique presentation suits any occasion, from a game day spread to a holiday meal. You do need to bring your knife skills to this game (and make sure they are sharpened). Need to brush up? Here’s a video with great tips. Since the potato isn’t cut through all the way, it opens up and fans out a bit… Read more

Orzo Pesto Salad

Bring on Summer with Orzo Pasta Salad

Pasta salads have certainly evolved over the years. Culinary historians might agree the dish hit its peak in the 1980s when “new” tricolor pastas showed up on store shelves. Add a splash of Italian dressing, a handful of sliced black olives, cheddar and pepperoni and you’ve got the quintessential picnic and backyard cookout side dish. Remember cutting sticks of pepperoni and blocks of cheese into little cubes? I’d swipe them from the cutting board before mom could add them to the pasta. Even now, I admit to eating around the noodles and veggies to get to the good stuff. Making… Read more