May 2015

Thai Carrot Soup in the Wolf Gourmet Blender

Confidence in Every Step: Thai Carrot Soup

Inspired by the Thai soup tom kha gai, this vibrant orange soup is stunning (especially in a white bowl), and has a combination of sweetness and spice ideal for lunch or a light dinner. Coconut milk adds rich creaminess and also keeps this soup dairy-free. Cutting the carrots into large pieces is fine – the Wolf Gourmet blender can make quick work of the ingredients without any unnecessary effort on your part. Once the prep is complete, fill the blender and select the soup cycle. The high speed of the blades is enough to create friction to heat ingredients as the blending takes place…. Read more

The big news … is small

Welcome to Food Notes, the official blog of Wolf Gourmet. We’re glad to have you aboard as we explore culinary techniques to help you master your kitchen, grow your skills, and craft what you crave. Creating delicious meals is our passion, and we’re excited to share it with you. At Wolf Gourmet, we have a drive to inspire confidence in the kitchen while preserving the craft of cooking and the moments it creates. We enjoy discussing the ideal roasting temperature for beef tenderloin, waxing poetically about baking the perfect lemon blueberry muffins, and comparing tips on the best add-ins for… Read more