Is there a true definition of a smoothie? We think not. Yogurt, coconut water, pomegranate juice, ice cubes, frozen banana are all up for consideration – we’ll do what we like, thank you very much. Smoothies can be ultra-healthy or decadent; it’s all up to you. Craft what you crave or follow a recipe. You really can’t mess up a smoothie.

With a Wolf Gourmet blender, simply load up the blender jar and press one button. Our pre-programmed smoothie function takes your favorite combination of ingredients and turns it into a smooth and delicious beverage.

The smoothie cycle starts by slowly pulsing the ingredients together, and then increases the blade speed to over 210 miles per hour to ensure perfect silky-smooth results.

People who love smoothies are always on the lookout for new ideas. Here are a few nutritional add-in ingredients you may want to try. Feel free to experiment and see what you like. Most natural food stores carry these in bulk or small sample sizes so you can purchase smaller quantities to start.

hemp seeds
One of the newer products on the shelf, hemp hearts are shelled hemp seeds. They are a great source of unsaturated fatty acids and protein. Start with one tablespoon per serving.

chia seeds
Chia seeds
: These little seeds absorb more than ten times their weight in water and are a good source of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, and protein. Since they absorb so much liquid, it’s best to drink smoothies with chia right away. You can soak the seeds in water for 10 to 15 minutes before adding if you like. One tablespoon per serving is plenty.

ginger root
Fresh ginger
: This pungent and aromatic rhizome adds a kick as well as antioxidants. Peel off the skin and toss it in, start with a half-inch piece and increase to your taste. Pick up a piece in the produce section.

fresh turmeric
Fresh Turmeric: 
It looks similar to ginger, but has a bright orange interior hiding underneath the surface. Like ginger, it has several health benefits. It is milder and a bit sweeter than fresh ginger, but still packs a punch so start with a small piece. Turmeric root may be available at your local specialty grocer (we found it at Whole Foods), or check the neighborhood Asian market. Start with a 1/4 inch piece. If you can’t find it fresh, add a pinch of ground turmeric.

coconut oil

Coconut oil: Contains a unique combination of fatty acids, it is quickly growing in popularity so you can also find it at traditional grocery stores. Best melted and added to the smoothie through the emulsion cup. Add one to two tablespoons per serving.


Do you have a favorite add in? Share your suggestions in the comments below.


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1 comment on “Amp Up Your Smoothie with Add-ins”

  1. Tina

    I really like adding hemp seeds to my green smoothies.

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