Gin Cocktail In Glass

Craft a Blended Gin Toddy

Gin derives its predominant flavor from juniper berries, with hints of citrus and coriander. First consumed in the Middle Ages, gin has evolved from a medicinal tonic to a popular spirit used in the ubiquitous gin and tonic as well as a number of other cocktails. Our lemon thyme gin toddy pairs well with seafood, spicy Asian dishes, and any savory appetizer complementing the herbal and lemon notes. Crafting this cocktail involves a two-step process. First, the SOUP cycle on the Wolf Gourmet blender turns fresh sprigs of thyme, sugar and water into a sweet, herbaceous syrup, adding a fresh,… Read more

Pineapple Kale Juice

Pineapple Kale Whole Juice

Eating healthier is often top-of-mind in January. Blending whole juices is an easy and enjoyable way to get more fruits and vegetables into your life. You can use the Wolf Gourmet blender to make whole juice. It takes less than a minute and the result is wonderfully smooth with no chewy bits of kale in sight. Making a whole juice uses the entire fruit, so there’s more fiber and no waste. This recipe makes four generous servings, enough to get everyone off to a good morning.   Craft what you crave with the Wolf Gourmet high-performance blender.It offers complete control… Read more

Kale Smoothie

5 Smoothie Building Blocks

Smoothie ingredients can be divided into five broad categories. The first two categories—liquid and primary ingredients—are essential components. The other three categories—protein, sweetener, and intensifier—help enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your drinks. 1. THE LIQUID You need a liquid to keep things moving so the blender doesn’t cavitate. Liquids include all types of milk (such as dairy, soy milk, or almond milk), coconut water, yogurt, kefir, coffee, tea, herbal tea (like hibiscus or chamomile teas), and fruit and vegetable juices. Some fruits, like grapes and citrus, contain enough liquid to be counted as a liquid ingredient in the… Read more

Wolf Gourmet Sesame Rose Milk

Sesame Rose Milk from Betty Liu

  A wedding photographer based in Boston, Betty combined her love of food photography and experimenting in the kitchen to share visually-focused recipe stories over at le jus d’orange. She loves to re-create and share her mother’s traditional Chinese recipes, bringing a bit of authentic Shanghai cuisine to readers’ virtual feasts. Her recipes are often flavored with Asian touches, as Betty loves to incorporate the ingredients she grew up with into desserts and other dishes to create new flavor profiles. Black sesame is often the frontrunner when it comes to desserts or treats, due to its beautiful silvery-grey color when mixed. The… Read more


Blended Eggnog Cocktail

Eggnog has been a popular cocktail since English settlers came to America. The bevy of eggs, dairy cows, and liquor made it an easy libation for the colonists to prepare. The drink has endured through the last few centuries, and continues to be on many holiday cocktail menus. Making your own eggnog is quite simple and the rich, foamy texture is a vast improvement over anything you can buy at the store. The Wolf Gourmet blender whips cream in less than 30 seconds and the rest of the ingredients come together in a few additional seconds. Using freshly grated nutmeg… Read more

Craft a Magnificent Milkshake

This time of year, making a satisfying dessert doesn’t have to involve turning on the oven. Sticky, humid summer evenings call for cold, creamy refreshment. Making a perfect milkshake at home is an easy way to finish off an alfresco meal. The Wolf Gourmet blender turns a few simple ingredients into something truly wonderful in about a minute. You can also make a milkshake an indulgent after-dinner drink. A dessert that doubles as a cocktail? Sounds like a plan. Top-quality ingredients make for the most delicious milkshakes. Ice cream options have come a long way from those rock-hard blocks of vanilla… Read more

whole juice Wolf Gourmet blender

Whole Juice

  Bottles of cold, fresh juice are everywhere, from Starbucks to the local big-box grocery store. You can even order juices online and they’ll arrive at your door in a special box with dry ice. The colorful labels tout all kinds of things, like organic, cold-pressed, or high-pressure process, as well as a myriad of different fruit and vegetable combinations. Bottled premium juices are convenient when you’re on the go, but it’s simple to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet at home, too. Blend a pitcher of whole juice in 45 seconds with a Wolf Gourmet blender. Making juice is… Read more

Amp Up Your Smoothie with Add-ins

Is there a true definition of a smoothie? We think not. Yogurt, coconut water, pomegranate juice, ice cubes, frozen banana are all up for consideration – we’ll do what we like, thank you very much. Smoothies can be ultra-healthy or decadent; it’s all up to you. Craft what you crave or follow a recipe. You really can’t mess up a smoothie. With a Wolf Gourmet blender, simply load up the blender jar and press one button. Our pre-programmed smoothie function takes your favorite combination of ingredients and turns it into a smooth and delicious beverage. The smoothie cycle starts by… Read more

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