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Wof Gourmet | Zucchini Soup

Extend your summer nights with soup

As the lazy days of summer begin to wind down, we want to maximize our time spent enjoying it. Spending less time in the kitchen means more time for outdoor pursuits, or perhaps relaxing on the patio with a glass of wine watching the sun dip below the horizon. However you spend your summer evenings, a quick meal can get you where you want to be in no time. Sure, you could get takeout on the way home. But what if you could make something in the time it takes to stop at the local deli? Our culinary team came… Read more

Napa Cabbage Salad | Wolf Gourmet

The salad inspired by a sandwich

Everyone has a favorite sandwich, from the crisp, salty Reuben to the classic, gooey grilled cheese, and kid-friendly PB&J. We have found from taking the bread out of the picture (thanks Paleo and gluten-free friends) there are certain components of sandwiches that can stand on their own as a side dish or meal. Taking our favorite part of a sandwich and turning it into a summer salad was a no-brainer. This fresh and vibrant cabbage salad was inspired by the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich, which always includes crunchy, tangy vegetables, some heat from a chile, and the pop of fresh… Read more

watermelon soba | Wolf Gourmet

Zaru Soba with Chilled Watermelon from Betty Liu

During these hot and humid days, I want nothing more than something chilled, whether it be a quick tossed salad or more likely, cold soba noodles. Traditionally, soba noodles are served cold with an umami-packed dipping sauce, and they are perfect for summery days. The dish is simple, refreshing, and my choice meal during the summer. The dipping sauce can be a mentsuyu sauce, made from seaweed and bonito, and it works because of its intense umami flavor. Chilled it has so much flavor that soba noodles need simply be dipped and slurped up. I decided to make another dipping… Read more

fish taco Wolf Gourmet

Cozumel Courtyard Fish Tacos

Vacation memories frequently include meals enjoyed in a beautiful setting. There’s a place in Cozumel with the most amazing courtyard of lush, tropical plants (and live music on Tuesdays). You perhaps know the one. Everyone seems to order fish tacos and margaritas. There’s definitely some magic happening in the kitchen, the tacos are so good! After coming back tanned, rested, and yearning for a return trip, we tried to create the recipe here in the kitchen. We analyzed what exactly made these tacos so amazing. We obviously can’t recreate the setting but maybe by having a couple tacos and a… Read more

Wof Gourmet Avocado Toast

Still Trending: Avocado Toast

Yes, it’s still a thing and we are happy to stay on the bandwagon. There’s always a bowl of avocados at various stages of ripeness and some hearty, sliced bread in the freezer to satisfy our cravings. A quick and delicious snack anytime, it’s easy to prepare at home or work and packs a satisfying, nutritious punch. We simply can’t get enough. Crisp, multi-grain toast is a blank slate for many types of toppings. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the myriad of choices, but experimenting with different flavors and textures is the best part. One of our favorites is… Read more

Flank Steak Wolf Gourmet

Sear Pleasure: Flank Steak with a Sweet Salsa

Known for its intense beefy flavor and quick cooking time, flank steak is a summer favorite. It absorbs marinade like a sponge, which is great because the combination of acid and spices both flavors and tenderizes the meat. Our recipe takes an Asian twist with a marinade featuring soy sauce, fish sauce, and fresh ginger. You might have a bottle of fish sauce lurking in the back of your kitchen cabinet. It’s right next to the pomegranate molasses and rose water if your pantry looks anything like mine. If you don’t have a bottle of fish sauce, be sure to… Read more

WG Pan Sauce Sauce Pour

Cook with Confidence: Make a Restaurant-Style Pan Sauce

A glossy pan sauce turns an everyday chicken breast into a restaurant-worthy plate, and thankfully, pan sauces are simple to master. Not only are they made in the same pan used to pan-roast your centerpiece ingredient, but they can also be quickly made while it rests. You’ll be able to make a lot of different versions of this easy sauce in mere minutes, giving your chicken breasts, steaks, and fish fillets a whole new flavor profile every time. After pan-roasting the protein and setting it aside to rest follow these steps for making the pan sauce. Sauté your aromatics: spoon… Read more

Quiche, A French Classic

Thank Julia for quiche. The iconic TV personality and kitchen legend brought an entirely new culture of cooking to American living rooms with her public television show The French Chef in the 1960s. I distinctly remember watching a rerun of her Quiche Lorraine episode, laughing as she enthusiastically pounded pastry dough with a giant rolling pin. Classic Julia. Her straightforward delivery style and new, innovative recipes (at the time) captured the hearts, eyes, and ears of millions who then rushed out to purchase her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Julia said a quiche “…is actually foolproof.” We completely… Read more

pork tenderloin Wolf Gourmet

Pork Tenderloin with a Kick

Adaptable to many kinds of seasoning, pork tenderloin is a great weeknight meal option and a nice change from boneless chicken. Two tenderloins easily feed four to six people, and any leftovers would be good in a wrap with some salad greens or a quick stir-fry the next day. Since tenderloin is such a lean cut, it can benefit from a strongly-flavored marinade. Fresh lime juice tenderizes the meat and helps impart the flavors of fresh ginger and soy. You can marinate for as little as two hours or let it go overnight. Once the tenderloin is marinated, it’s patted… Read more

Wolf Gourmet braised pork

Get Bolder with Pork Shoulder

  Low and slow is the key to cooking tough cuts of meat like pork shoulder (sometimes referred to as Boston butt). It can’t be hurried along. Roasting, then braising achieves an evenly cooked and tender pork. Using a 9 x 13 baking dish or a Dutch oven for roasting and braising simplifies cooking and cleanup. The flavors of orange and coriander lend themselves to a variety of meals such as tacos, Cuban sandwiches, or carnitas. Pulled pork sliders are easily made by stirring in your favorite barbecue sauce and heaping onto a potato roll. Topped with crisp coleslaw and… Read more

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