Side Dishes

Fried Halloumi & Peach Salad

Fried Halloumi & Peach Salad from Lena’s Kitchen

This pan-fried halloumi & peach salad on a bed of arugula is the summer salad I can’t get enough of. Topped with homemade basil oil for the most vibrant of flavors, I have no doubt you will love this salad. I’ve been working on some fun and easy summer dinner recipes, so when I had the chance to work with Wolf Gourmet products, specifically their 8.5” inch skillet and high-performance blender, I decided to create a delicious warm-weather salad. The 8.5” skillet is one of the most versatile pans in the kitchen, perfectly sized for preparation of smaller meals, side dishes and omelets…. Read more

Indoor Campfire Baked Potatoes from Feed Me Phoebe

I’ve been a city mouse since my parents brought me home from the hospital to their tiny apartment in downtown Manhattan, where I soon made the acquaintance of our unwanted neighbors, the actual mice. As I got older, though, and my worldview began to expand as far and wide as my parents’ airfare budget would take me, I began to learn the ways of country mouse living. This education grew new wings in the backwoods of Vermont, when I spent my first summer at sleep away camp. While most of my city mouse friends had opted for establishments with color… Read more


Bring on the Brussels

You pushed them around on the plate as a child, hoping your mom would think you ate some. Now, Brussels sprouts have made a roaring comeback. People are actually craving them! The mighty sprout fills up Pinterest pages as aficionados share their favorite recipes for nutrient-packed side dishes. Chefs, home cooks, and bloggers alike have taken this humble little cousin of green cabbage and brought it to wonderful new heights. Gone are the days of steamed sprouts smelling up the kitchen. Meet Brussels sprouts 2.0. Boiling and steaming is out, sautéing and roasting is in. Spending time in a hot… Read more

Hasselback Potatoes | Wolf Gourmet

Go Beyond the Baked Potato with the Hasselback

The Hasselback potato is a nice riff on the traditional baked potato, and makes a fancy presentation without much additional effort. Named after a restaurant in Sweden, the cutting method involves thinly slicing the potato, but not all the way through. Its unique presentation suits any occasion, from a game day spread to a holiday meal. You do need to bring your knife skills to this game (and make sure they are sharpened). Need to brush up? Here’s a video with great tips. Since the potato isn’t cut through all the way, it opens up and fans out a bit… Read more

roasted beet salad | Wolf Gourmet

The Centerpiece Salad

I have to admit, I am more of a summer salad girl. Or at least I thought I was until we tasted this roasted beet salad from the Wolf Gourmet kitchen! It takes a whole different turn with cool weather ingredients. We don’t mind heating the oven to roast some vegetables, and hearty grains take the place of lighter ones. A main dish salad is a nice change and very easy to prepare. Toss greens with a vinaigrette, a selection of vegetables and aromatics, and perhaps some nuts or grains, and you have what you need for a filling entrée all in… Read more

Napa Cabbage Salad | Wolf Gourmet

The salad inspired by a sandwich

Everyone has a favorite sandwich, from the crisp, salty Reuben to the classic, gooey grilled cheese, and kid-friendly PB&J. We have found from taking the bread out of the picture (thanks Paleo and gluten-free friends) there are certain components of sandwiches that can stand on their own as a side dish or meal. Taking our favorite part of a sandwich and turning it into a summer salad was a no-brainer. This fresh and vibrant cabbage salad was inspired by the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich, which always includes crunchy, tangy vegetables, some heat from a chile, and the pop of fresh… Read more

Zucchini Fennel Gratin Wolf Gourmet

Get Creative With Your Summer Harvest

  Avid gardeners usually have more than one zucchini plant. Around this time of year the bounty of garden goodness is reaching its zenith. The word overabundance can describe the harvest happening in some neighborhoods. I have been the recipient of a large paper bag of zucchini and summer squash left on my porch by an “anonymous” neighbor (looking at you, Veronica). The office freebie table sees more vegetables than doughnuts this time of year and there comes a point in early August when kids are no longer excited to see a plate of zucchini muffins at breakfast. Besides the… Read more

Orzo Pesto Salad

Bring on Summer with Orzo Pasta Salad

Pasta salads have certainly evolved over the years. Culinary historians might agree the dish hit its peak in the 1980s when “new” tricolor pastas showed up on store shelves. Add a splash of Italian dressing, a handful of sliced black olives, cheddar and pepperoni and you’ve got the quintessential picnic and backyard cookout side dish. Remember cutting sticks of pepperoni and blocks of cheese into little cubes? I’d swipe them from the cutting board before mom could add them to the pasta. Even now, I admit to eating around the noodles and veggies to get to the good stuff. Making… Read more

Green Garlic Risotto with Spring Vegetables by Brooke Bass | Wolf Gourmet

Green Garlic Risotto with Spring Vegetables

Several years ago, I took cooking classes at an agriturismo in southern Italy. On the last day of our classes, my instructor Maria pointed to a recipe for risotto, indicating this would be included in our menu for the day. We worked in the kitchen that afternoon on the mis en place, but the risotto, she said to the translator who was in the kitchen with us, would need to be prepared just before guests were scheduled to eat. At 8pm, just as everyone was beginning to gather in the dining room, she waved me over from the kitchen, eager… Read more


Parmesan Polenta

Using basic pantry ingredients and some heavy cream, this polenta is ready in minutes and provides a versatile canvas with endless possibilities. Simply adorned with a scattering of fresh herbs and butter, or nestled beneath balsamic glazed pork tenderloin with wild mushrooms
, polenta can easily go from casual to black tie depending on the toppings. Making polenta in the blender instead of on the stovetop greatly simplifies the process. No stirring or careful watching is needed, simply add the ingredients and run the SOUP setting. It can be poured into the serving dishes directly from the blender jar and everyone… Read more

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