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Welcome Summer Giveaway

“Welcome Summer” Giveaway

The unofficial start of summer has arrived. Our culinary team is thrilled to lighten up the menu, develop some refreshing, summery cocktails, and serve some patio-friendly meals to friends and family. To celebrate we have teamed up with chef and much-loved blogger Heather Christo for a giveaway to start your summer. Included in the giveaway is a Wolf Gourmet high-performance blender and an autographed copy of Heather’s new cookbook, Pure Delicious: 200 delectable recipes free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish and cane sugar.   Heather created this gorgeous cookbook after she and her children were diagnosed with several food… Read more

Learn More: Wolf Gourmet Cookware

Premium cookware is an investment that will last a lifetime. Multi-clad, copper bottom, anodized aluminum – there are a multitude of cookware types available. What makes Wolf Gourmet cookware special? Here’s a review of important cookware components. Stainless Steel Cooking a large batch of tomato sauce? You’ll want a stainless steel pot. Besides durability, a great benefit of stainless steel is non-reactivity. Cooking acidic foods in an aluminum or cast iron vessel can leave a metallic taste as well as damage the interior of the cookware with repeated use. Stainless steel is easy to clean and holds up well after… Read more

horseradish crusted tenderloin

Using the Integrated Temperature Probe for a Perfectly Done Roast

One of the many advanced features of the Wolf Gourmet countertop oven is the integrated temperature probe. Then oft-used “look and see” approach is not always accurate, as we all have probably experienced biting into a piece of dried-out turkey on Thanksgiving. There’s no real secret — the way to achieve the best tasting mustard glazed roast chicken, leg of lamb, or herb-crusted beef tenderloin is cooking to an exact temperature. When cooking a large cut of meat such as the recipe for beef tenderloin below, ROAST mode is a given. Coupled with the probe feature, you’ll get a delicious crust and a perfectly… Read more

Amp Up Your Smoothie with Add-ins

Is there a true definition of a smoothie? We think not. Yogurt, coconut water, pomegranate juice, ice cubes, frozen banana are all up for consideration – we’ll do what we like, thank you very much. Smoothies can be ultra-healthy or decadent; it’s all up to you. Craft what you crave or follow a recipe. You really can’t mess up a smoothie. With a Wolf Gourmet blender, simply load up the blender jar and press one button. Our pre-programmed smoothie function takes your favorite combination of ingredients and turns it into a smooth and delicious beverage. The smoothie cycle starts by… Read more

#PredictDelicious Contest | Wolf Gourmet

#PredictDelicious Instagram contest: Visit your local Sur La Table and enter to WIN

Wolf Gourmet is now available at Sur La Table and at To celebrate, we’re giving away a suite of Wolf Gourmet appliances and cookware. You could win a Wolf Gourmet Blender, Countertop Oven, 4 Slice Toaster and a 10-piece Cookware Set. Entering the contest is easy. First, follow @WolfGourmet on Instagram. Then, visit your local Sur La Table store between June 8 – 28, 2015 and take an Instagram photo of the Wolf Gourmet display or your favorite Wolf Gourmet appliance. Post the photo using the #PredictDelicious hashtag, making sure to tag @WolfGourmet and @Sur_La_Table. You’re automatically entered to win Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances… Read more

Artisan Bread Guide | Wolf Gourmet

Artisan Bread Guide

With four simple ingredients, bread has been around for thousands of years. With humble beginnings of unleavened bread baked in clay pots to community bakehouses where citizens would prepare their bread at home and bring it to a central location for baking, hand-crafted breads have been at the dinner table. Today, there’s typically a myriad of artisan breads available at the local bakery as well as a decent selection at most grocery stores. They all look delicious of course, so which one should you buy? It depends on what you are going to do with the bread when you get home. Here are… Read more

The big news … is small

Welcome to Food Notes, the official blog of Wolf Gourmet. We’re glad to have you aboard as we explore culinary techniques to help you master your kitchen, grow your skills, and craft what you crave. Creating delicious meals is our passion, and we’re excited to share it with you. At Wolf Gourmet, we have a drive to inspire confidence in the kitchen while preserving the craft of cooking and the moments it creates. We enjoy discussing the ideal roasting temperature for beef tenderloin, waxing poetically about baking the perfect lemon blueberry muffins, and comparing tips on the best add-ins for… Read more