Roasted Root Vegetables | Wolf Gourmet

Laura FuentesLaura Fuentes is an entrepreneur, the Author of The Best Homemade Kids Lunches on the Planet (Fairwinds 2014) and The Best Homemade Snacks on the Planet(Fairwinds 2015), Food Network’s Rewrapped episode winner (2014), and speaker on numerous topics related to kids’ health and wellness. As the creator and founder of MOMables, Laura is committed to helping parents make real food happen in their households by sharing easy recipes and quick tips. She believes kids deserve to eat a variety of real foods without holding parents hostage in the kitchen. Visit for more about Laura’s meal planning service.

Root vegetables, when cooked properly, can make the most delicious side dish you’ve ever imagined. When roasting in the oven, they naturally caramelize and bring out their sweet flavors.
Today’s recipe was made in the Wolf Gourmet countertop oven since preheating time is short and I can fit a full size (9×13-inch) pan in it. That is no small thing, since this allows me to cook nearly any recipe.

Roasted Root Vegetables | Wolf Gourmet

I’ve found the countertop oven to be very helpful during my epic weekend food-prep-athons where I cook and prepare endless meals for the week. And the temperature probe is helpful to make sure meats are cooked through.

One feature that sets this countertop oven apart is the convection setting. Yes, the same setting found in full-size Wolf ovens. I roasted these root vegetables on the convection setting because the internal fan circulates heated air for even roasting and baking with no hot spots. This cuts down my cooking time by 25%. I’ve roasted vegetables in my countertop oven a few times already, and every time I’m amazed at how it makes it possible to get dinner on the table in about 30 minutes.

Roasted Root Vegetables | Wolf Gourmet

Fortunately, this oven shines for other meals as well. A couple of days ago I made my favorite muffins in 12 minutes (the recipe usually takes 18 minutes). When you have hungry kids at the table and you’ve promised them muffins, anything that will help you get out the door faster is a winner.

My Wolf Gourmet countertop oven will also come in handy during the holidays and my Sunday suppers to catch the overflow from the full size oven since I’m always running out of room. I already know this is going to be a lifesaver since I often cook for a crowd and for my large family

Roasted Root Vegetables | Wolf Gourmet

I hope you enjoy these roasted root vegetables, which pair great with roasted chicken, pork chops, and even topped with a fried egg (my personal favorite).

What would you cook with an extra oven?

Roasted Root Vegetables | Wolf Gourmet
Roasted Root Vegetable Hash
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4-6 servings
4-6 servings
Roasted Root Vegetables | Wolf Gourmet
Roasted Root Vegetable Hash
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Votes: 2
Rating: 4.5
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4-6 servings
4-6 servings
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 cups turnips peeled and roughly chopped
  • 4 carrots peeled and roughly chopped
  • 2 medium beets peeled and roughly chopped
  • 2 shallots peeled and chopped
  • 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Preheat the oven to 400˚F in BAKE mode.
  • In a large bowl, add the oil, turnips, carrots, beets, and shallots. Toss around to coat with the seasonings.
  • Spread into a 9x13 baking dish and bake for 45 minutes, until the vegetables are tender when poked with a fork.
Recipe Notes

Use convection mode (CONV) on your countertop oven to shorten baking time to 30-35 minutes.

726 comments on “Roasted Root Vegetables in the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven from Laura Fuentes”

  1. Sarah

    I would cook fish with roasted vegetables.

  2. Stacie Lightell

    If I had a Countertop oven I would bake cookies in it first, possibly followed by muffins and baked potatoes!

  3. Laurie

    If I had a Wolf countertop oven, I would love to roast root vegetables!

  4. Sally H

    I can’t believe I can fit a FULL SIZE PAN! I would cook everything I normally do in my oven in my countertop one without heating up my house.

  5. Gisella Santiago-Gronka

    I’d be using it for pies, tarts, roasying veggies and would love to try roasting a chicken. Oh, holiday stuffing!! ♡

  6. LorieLopez

    This looks delicious!

  7. Christina

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven I would make the Roasted Root Vegetable Hash to go with some roasted chicken pieces. Since there is only two of us in the household I believe I would use this counter top oven more than my regular one.

  8. Shannon

    Definitely veggies 🙂

  9. Jessica Thompson

    Homemade pizza!!

  10. Kelly

    It would come in very handy at the holidays to cook all the side dishes while the main course cooks in the big oven! I’m sure I’d use it daily to cook chicken nuggets, bake cookies, and broil garlic bread!

  11. Sarah

    I would use this oven for everything! Breakfast treats, small batch of cookies from the freezer, pizza bagels, oh goodness. Endless possibilities!

  12. Carrie B

    I would bake!

  13. Linda

    I would roast vegetables and bake desserts.

  14. Lori Laney

    If I had this oven, I would roast everything! Potatoes, veggies, chicken!

  15. Ruby Norton

    With the holidays coming up I would bake Pumpkin bread Thanksgiving morning and cornbread stuffing as part of the main course.

  16. Amy Wahl

    Roast chicken and potato wedges!

  17. Clover

    I would roast veggies, or a chicken, or if I am lazy just some taquitos! I think that it would be a great way to roast and bake food even in the summer when I don’t want to heat my whole house with the big. oven.

  18. Susan Peacock

    Everything!! I would start out with roasted vegetables but I would love to try all of the recipes that Laura mentioned above.

  19. Maria T.

    The Wolf oven sounds wonderful. I would bake my great apple cake recipe in it.

  20. Breck

    I’d cook gluten free pizza!!

  21. Judi

    I would bake all kinds of yummy deserts. That is what I love to do most in the kitchen

  22. Claudia Ortega

    I would roast some garlic to make a guacamole since my tree is full of avocados. Then I would roast some corn and add olive oil with some fresh herbs.

  23. Sarah

    I would bake my roasted veggies since I’m just cooking for 2 it’s awesome to not have heat up my entire regular oven !

  24. Olga @ mangotomato

    Love this recipe.
    Love beets.
    Love red knobs: I spray painted mine red 😉
    I’d bake brownies!

  25. Shannon Woodward

    I need this toy! Lol! Laura has helped me so much with meal planning and, like her, I have a lot of mouths to feed everyday. This oven would be perfect for the boys’ make your own mini pizzas night!

  26. CarolinaMama

    Sweet Potato Fries, Brownies and most things!!! ❤️

  27. Karen Shireman

    I would cook a homemade pizza or some French bread. On Thanksgiving it would be so nice to have an extra oven for sides or pies! Thanks for the chance…..

  28. Alicia

    I would roast brussels sprouts and broccoli. I would also use it for almost everything I use the oven for. Cookies, muffins, homemade pizza, etc.

  29. Kaitlin Laird

    This new countertop oven would be a life saver! Such a fantastic design and quality to boot. First to go in? Easy answer around here – homemade pizza! Quicker and delicious – my kids would be in heaven.

  30. Bree

    I would love to try anything in this oven, and with the holidays coming I know the exact thing… PIES! I’m the pie lady at our family get-togethers, and this would allow me to bake more along with my oven.

  31. Heather Zabinski

    This oven would get so much use at my house, especially during the holidays! Probably the first thing I would bake in it is some yummy cornbread!! (My favorite!!)

  32. Allyn Spacek

    I would bake extra EVERYTHING! With three young kids I tend to bake double and triple recipes, roast tons of veggies to last a couple days, and make two chickens at once for lots of leftovers.

  33. Amanda

    I would bake some pumpkin biscotti in that beautiful little oven‼️❤️

  34. Heidi

    I would love to cook or bake just about anything. It has been almost 4 years that I haven’t used an oven. The oven that we have was a built in oven in the early 70’s and had retired. I would love if I have this to use so I can have my baked salmon or brownies craving satisfied while we save for a newer oven. Better yet, I can make meals for my husband and son’s lunches or have my kids make their own pizzas and cookies (we never did those kitchen bondings because we don’t have an oven). Bty, I still do bake but had to travel 20 min to my sisters house to use an oven.

  35. Nicole Campbell

    I would bake cookies with my kids. I think it would be great to use during the summer so you don’t have to use the wall oven and heat the whole kitchen!

  36. Khaikam

    Ahhh…the endless possiblities of what I can cook, roast, bake etc…with the counter top wolf gourment oven!! I wonder if I can bake French maraons in it??? 🙂

  37. Brooke

    I’d cook nearly everything in a wolf toaster oven! I’d use it to reheat food, too, instead of a microwave!

  38. Khaikam

    Ahhh…the endless possiblities of what I can cook, roast, bake etc…with the counter top wolf gourment oven!! I wonder if I can bake French macarons in it??? 🙂

  39. Melissa Herrera

    I loooove beets & turnips…& carrots & garlic & onions. They would be the first thing I’d bake in my Wolf oven! :). Either those or s cheesecake to celebrate!

  40. Erica

    Everything! I too love all things Wolf and would love to have wolf appliances in my home. I also miss my toaster oven with convection. I used it most to roast veggies, but also to bake anything that would fit in that little oven.

    Thank you all for this giveaway! The winner is a lucky, lucky person.

  41. kristina hoops

    banana bread

  42. Kristie Peterson

    I would love to try the roast vegetables!

  43. Sarah

    I would cook whole foods! We are on a quest to eat better and I find that time is the biggest road block. This would help tremendously.

  44. SueAnna

    I would love to have this oven. I love to cook and would roast not only veggies in it -I would cook everything in it!!

  45. Catherine Tuthill

    I would cook more often! Both my husband and I work full time and have a toddler. During the week, we try to stick to stovetop quick and easy meals. If we had a countertop oven that heats up quicker then our old oven, we would definitely bake more meals during the week!

  46. Joan Smothers

    I would finally try cauliflower mashed potatoes. I enjoy roasted cauliflower and roasted broccoli but rarely spend the time to make it.

    I think being able to roast the cauliflower might make the mashed potatoes something my kids would eat.

  47. Katie

    Roast chicken for chicken soup! Yum!!

  48. Beth Livengood

    I would make most of my dinners in this oven. Looks great!

  49. GK

    Fall favorite root vegetables are a staple in our house. I will definitely be making lots of roasted vegetable medleys, baking a quick batch of brownies for the kiddos in my own Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven.

  50. Cara

    I would make mini pizzas!

  51. Michelle Herring

    Since this oven fits a full sized pan, I would have to rethink where I cook! I would cook some of my family’s favorites such as roasted asparagus, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, cod, salmon and maybe cook some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

  52. A_Shoemaker

    The sky is the limit with an extra oven especially around the holidays when I am prepping a meal for 20. However I would first bake a cake. Like Laura my oven is off 25 degrees so baked goods always come out over browned and a little too mushy in the middle. I have tried covering them in foil to delay the browning but it isually just sticks or steams the top. So I dont make baked goods at my house anymore. 🙁 The veggies i can totally do…they will just be a little more blackened then the beautiful ones above.

  53. Jennifer


  54. Linda K

    I would make meal for my granddaughters lunches from my momables recipes.

  55. Galina Zaytsev

    I love mini ovens, I always can cook smaller versions of a meal that I would use a conventional oven for. I would cook my cheese layered eggplants, roast nuts, and re-heat leftovers for a yummy crunch.

  56. Suzi

    Definitely Cauliflower Mac ‘n Cheese!

  57. Viviannette

    Individual pizzas for the kids!

  58. Nicole

    I would use the Wolf to cook unlimited things during the summer months in AZ when we don’t use our oven because it heats up our home too much. The possibilities are endless!

  59. Robin Brannigan

    Would like to try roasting shrimp and roasted cauliflower rice. Have seen both recipes and they sound so yummy.

  60. Jessica Difulco

    I like to bake cookies or cheese toast! I’ve always loved a toaster oven, but haven’t had one for years.

  61. Julie Gerien

    I would make my sneaky late night cookie bites, banana bread, sweet potato fries! So may options!

  62. Terri

    If it fits a full-size baking pan, then what wouldn’t I cook? I would make baked pasta dishes, casseroles, breakfast stratas, cookies, muffins…you name it! Sounds light enough to move outside in the summer, which would help keep the house cool!

  63. Alexis

    I love cooking muffins for breakfast and the fast heat up time would get warm muffins on the table just that much faster!

  64. Jeannette Rodriguez

    The first thing I would roast is chicken legs & thighs with lots of potatoes, carrots and onions in the Wolf Gourmet oven!

  65. Cheryl

    I would roast veggies, chicken, and cook homemade pizza.

  66. terri

    i would roast a pumpkin! yum

  67. Mariko

    I would love to cook everything I would normally cook without heating up my house. The first thing I would probably cook would be brownies!

  68. Adrienne

    I would cook veggies, pizza, cookies and french fries just for starters.

  69. Marith

    Roast chicken! Sourdough bread! Etc., etc., etc.!!!

  70. Teena Applegate

    I’d make your blueberry scone recipe! 🙂 I’m going to go check price in case I don’t win.

  71. Chandra

    A pie!!! 🙂

  72. Alison B

    with 3 boys I would make so many things! roast chicken, vegetables, muffins!!

  73. Rachel

    I would bake all kinds of bread in it, my family loves fresh bread!

  74. Kristen

    I’d roast some zucchini chips in it.

  75. Kendra P

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven, I would bake kale chips, homemade french fries, roast chicken, maybe try my hand at some gluten-free bread… And especially any time I have 2 dishes or 2 components of the same dish needing to be baked at different temps at the same time! Argh! I hate meals like that!

  76. Annette Anderson

    Everything! We had a stove similar to this once, and we cooked everything in it. Even warmed our plates! I’m not sure why we haven’t replaced it…maybe waiting to win this one!

  77. Q

    I love to make bake my homemade chicken pot pie, homemade breaded fish or maybe roast a chicken. So many options!!!!

  78. Joan

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven I would bake my delicious eggplant parmesan (or maybe zuchinni lasagna)!

  79. Kelly Abrams

    I would love to try out the Wolf countertop oven for Cornish hens…I love them but they take too long to cook on a week night with my conventional oven.

  80. Mary D.

    I would bake muffins, roast vegetables , bake fish and oh so much more!!!

  81. LBKliewer

    Roasted root vegetables!!! Breakfasts which I’ve premade!

  82. Lori Barrett

    Oh, so many choices of what to make!! I think I’d treat my family to cookies or brownies though!! <3

  83. Rachael S

    Pizza and spinach dip!

  84. Darcy Miller

    I would make cookies with my kids!!

  85. Shawn Pepera

    Anything and EVERYTHING but 1st would be an apple pie to make my home smell AMAZING!!! Thank you!

  86. Robin Tyson

    I would cook everything from casseroles to cookies!!

  87. Melissa

    I would cook just about everything! I hate turning on the full-size oven to bake for 30 minutes. I’d probably try it out roasting veggies or baking bread.

  88. Adrienne Sweat

    Having a stovetop oven, especially with the convection option, oh boy. Christmas baking would get so much easier. Every year I do dozens of cookies for neighbours and friends. And the last 2 years I’ve been donating baked goods for a silent auction to benefit a music scholarship fund in Vancouver BC. Can’t imagine how much else I could bake with this!

  89. Christine Y

    It would be wonderful to have an extra oven! I would use it to cook the same things I cook in my regular oven. It would be wonderful to have for Thanksgiving, especially since we are having 10 extra people visiting us for a week!!

  90. Amanda Peterson

    The real question is, what wouldn’t I cook in a Wolf countertop oven!?! I would LOVE to cook bacon in the morning for my growing boy or whole wheat banana pumpkin muffins. I would enjoy using it to bake rolls and sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, too!!

  91. Marie

    I would make cookies, muffins, casseroles, and veggies!

  92. Barbara Brooks

    I would cook Thanksgiving sides.

  93. Shannon

    I would cook the side dish, bread, dessert I can’t make because my main dish cooks at a different temp. Would really make my options for dinner even greater!

  94. Kari

    I’d bake cookies, breads and casseroles – all the yummy Fall recipes!

  95. Melissa

    I would roast chicken of course, but I would also try a homemade thin crust veggie pizza. Yum!

  96. amy

    I’d love one to make roast and potatoes.

  97. Lynn Brown

    OH my goodness, I would cook everything in it! Homemade meatballs, buffalo wing cauliflower, dutch pancakes, giant chocolate chip cookies, I could go on and on! It would be my dream to have a counter top oven like this!

  98. Shawna

    I would make chocolate chip and pecan cookies.

  99. Jeanette

    We would roast cabbage steaks! The whole family loves them!

  100. Rieke

    I would open my mom’s German cook book that my dad gave her on Christmas 1982 (I brought it with me when I came to the US) and find a yummy pork roast recipe to make. Or I’d make my grandmother’s apple strudel that my mom and her taught me to make big always comes out a little dry in my big old oven…

  101. Natalia

    I would cook quiches galore. I am dying to have a Wolf countertop oven.

  102. Tracy

    I would love to try roasting some vegetables in it–like beets, sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts. I would also bake cookies, muffins, and experiment with varieties of personal pizzas.

  103. Becky

    I would roast sweet potatoes covered in coconut oil, honey and cinnamon!

  104. Rieke

    *but always comes out a little dry

  105. Leslie Allen

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven, I’d cook everything in it… and likely never use my current clunker of a range/oven again! First off, though, I’d bake my family some muffins – blueberry with streusel topping. Thanks for the chance!

  106. Mindy G

    Roasted veggies at night and fast baked oatmeal in the morning!

  107. Elizabeth

    My kids love roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil and salt or cinnamon and sugar. I’d love to try their favorites in a smaller oven that wouldn’t use my full size oven. I’d also love to try other veggies roasted the same way!

  108. Merrie

    I would use it for everything! Roasting and baking! Especially Cookies, lots of cookies!!I cook a lot for our large family and our youth group. This would be amazing! I cook for about 15 every Monday and this would be ahhhh- mazing!

  109. Cassandra Zimmerman

    I would bake all sorts of my goodies that I LOVE to bake!!!! Cookies, muffins, bread…..the things are endless!

  110. Heather

    With thanksgiving coming, I would make my family’s favorite dish…sweet potatoes and apples with a cider glaze and definitely an Apple crisp!

  111. Liz Barton

    Everything! Muffins, cookies, veggies like asparagus & brussel sprouts and meats too!

  112. Charlestonkat

    I love this! I would be able to bake while other dishes cook in the main oven, plus make healthy snacks quickly. In addition, I make gluten free goods for part of our family and friends in need. This could also allow for a gluten free dedicated oven!! (Veggies, meats, and GF baked goods only).

  113. Karen

    I would bake muffins, cookies and then roast veggies, a chicken, and then cook a home made pizza
    I love that this would not heat up the whole house!

  114. Jen J

    If I had a Wolf counter oven I would use it to make weeknight dinners like baked potatoes, pita pizzas, baked fish. Oh, all of the endless possibilities…

  115. Kandi

    My daughters would love to help me bake brownies and cupcakes. I would use it to roast chicken and vegetables.

  116. Seetha

    I would use it all the time, especially to roast root vegetables.

  117. Cathy

    I would bake muffins! I love muffins but hate turning on my big oven just for a batch, and my toaster oven is too small for my muffin pan.

  118. Jennifer

    I would bake banana nut muffins.

  119. Molly

    I would cook pumpkin muffins for breakfast, roasted veggies for lunch, and homemade pizza for dinner. WOW, this is an impressive appliance that would greatly assist me in preparing healthy meals for my family of 6!

  120. Trish

    Root veggies! Ratatouille, my fall favourite!

  121. Marianne

    So many things!!…a second oven would be wonderful but especially sides to go with an oven meal!!

  122. jean oei

    i would bake cheese soufflés, mini quiches, cookies l, baked fish and roasted root vegetables… anything is possible!!!

  123. Thuy n.

    I would roast veggies first.

  124. cara

    What wouldn’t I cook if I had a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven?!? Mostly, I would use it to bake chicken and to re-heat leftovers instead of using the microwave. What

  125. Teresa

    I would love to roast veggies and bake lasagna! I also have mini loaf pans that i’m eager to try out. We use the mini oven at my home alot more than the regular one. Somehow, to have a smaller one to clean just seem more appealing.

  126. Charlestonkat

    My 11 yr. old loves to bake and cook all the time, and this sweet oven would make it a whole lot easier and faster for her to work on and foster her interests! We would do more in the kitchen together with this!

  127. Amanda Heiss

    Considering I cook and feed several Navy sailors, we would be using it for roasted chicken, veggies, homemade pizzas, sub sandwiches and everything else in between!

  128. Kim-Anh Vandeven

    I would bake muffins and homemade pizza.

  129. Gayle

    In my Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven I would bake macaroni and cheese with smoked paprika and bacon!!

  130. Jacy

    Scalloped potatoes and meatloaf! Today my almost 2-year old said “mee-loaf…yum!” I almost died. My life is complete 🙂

  131. Lisa topolinski

    I would bake cookies, muffin and roast veggies also chicken..

  132. Alison

    I use my oven all the time, in the winter especially, so I would use the Wolf Gourmet to help me get through weekend cooking. This involves roasting veg, cooking meat, baking granola bars and granola.

  133. Kyna

    I would bake muffins in the mornings on week days. Time in the mornings fly by. 🙂

  134. Rebecca

    I would cook lots of muffins to freeze for us and our son for when out baby girl is born in a few months! 🙂

  135. Cheryl

    I would cook a wonderful breakfast egg casserole and baked French toast in this gorgeous oven!! And can’t forget to die for stuffed brownies.

  136. Amanda

    Roasted parsnips. They ar my favorite.

  137. Gwen

    I would bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

  138. jennifer isom

    I would cook my Thanksgiving meal 🙂

  139. Sarah Hover

    I would cook special gluten free treats for my nephew who was just diagnosed with Celiac. We could discover new delicious foods together.

  140. Rosa Federici

    I would bake a nice focaccia and beef stew and sweet potatoes!! Amazing oven!

  141. Tracy

    I would roast sweet potato fries and then make homemade cookies.

  142. Kerri-Lynn Hickman

    Everything and anything!! Muffins, pizza, chicken, cookies…the possibilities are endless!

  143. Verna Wallberg

    I would cook part of my Thanksgiving meal!! I have one oven in my home and with all that a Thanksgiving meal requires, having a countertop oven like this would be invaluable!

  144. Patti

    I would make pumpkin cream cheese bread! I love fall recipes.

  145. Linda

    If I had a Wolf countertop oven, I would make everything…now more regular oven. First I would bake banana chocolate chip muffins!

  146. Maria

    I’d bake everything from muffins, veggies, brownies to pizza. The possibilities are endless!

  147. Laura g

    I’m about to have a lil one eating homemade baby food again. This would be the perfect tool to use to roast all those yummy squashes and veggies and fruits before purée ing them! I’m pretty sure I would use this though for everything!!!

  148. Cathy H.

    I would roast chicken and a turkey breast to make sandwiches.

  149. Amanda

    I would bake cupcakes!

  150. Alexandra

    I would love to roast vegetable to make a vegetable panini sandwich for the kids!

  151. Jude Pal

    I just returned from TJ’s where I purchased a stalk of brussels sproutsI I can’t wait to take them off of the stalk, cut them in half and toss with some olive oil. They will be roasted until wonderfully browned and then served with a dash of good quality balsamic vinegar. This recipe will work well with the Wolf.

  152. Shanna Barnes

    I would cook everything in it but I see lots of potatoes in there.

  153. Bonnie N

    Man! That thing is awesome! I would probably do cinnamon rolls very first, then probably a pork butt! Two of my fav’s!

  154. Georgia

    I would bake some banana bread for breakfast. For lunch, homemade chicken meatballs and fries. For dinner, I would make a pizza spaghetti casserole and homemade garlic bread. And for dessert I would make and bake a Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb cake!

  155. Wendy Campbell

    I would love to cook root veggies in this…and I would literally jump for joy to have a second oven on holidays!!

  156. kristy tillman

    If I had it today, I’d roast the turnips, carrots and beets from the farmers market! I would totally make gluten free ginger rutabaga muffins too! Mmm. Best gluten free muffin yet!!

  157. Lori Kell

    I would challenge the Wolf oven to cook a whole chicken! I bet it could do it.

  158. Erika

    A good start would be bread pudding, an all-time favorite when growing up and that would bring back so many sweet memories!

  159. Jessica

    If I had a Wolf countertop oven, I would make chocolate chip scones for my husband 🙂

  160. Arleen

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet countertop oven I’d make blueberry muffins for breakfast and then I’d have to try some salmon and brussels sprouts for lunch. After that I’d want to know how it works on other things, so I’d try it out on baked enchiladas and a casserole. I’m certain I’d be having fun for a long time!

  161. Trish

    The first thing I would roast would be chicken with sweet potatoes for my baby as its a favorite food!

  162. Danette

    I LOVE to cook and bake. We rarely eat out and I make almost all our meals from scratch. This oven would be so helpful!

  163. Deborah Mathis

    I would make cornbread every morning!

  164. Rebecca

    Cinnamon rolls!

  165. Katie

    I would make Christmas brunch after opening gifts. Egg casseroles and cinnamon rolls! Yay for faster brunch!

  166. Heather Hall

    I would cook EVERYTHING (edible) in the countertop stove!

  167. Mamie

    I would roast a chicken with some potatoes and root vegetables.

  168. Jodi

    I would make muffins and pies and brownies.

  169. Lisa d

    This looks amazing! Pie and pizzas would be first up!

  170. Carrie

    I would bake holiday cookies, muffins, and other baked goods in my extra Wolf oven! 🙂

  171. Sindee Hernandez

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven I would definitely have more time to make healthy home cooked meals for my family of 6. With our busy schedules it’s hard to find a lot of time for baking and cooking, both of which I love to do!!

  172. Michelle Wells

    I would make just about anything in this oven that I would make in my regular oven. I have always depended on my toaster oven for small jobs but would love to have a counter top oven that can hold a full size pan. It would be used every day for everything from toast to pizza to casseroles to desserts.

  173. Ashley

    I do all our summer baking and roasting in a tiny toaster oven now so this one would rock my world. But I would probably roast some veggies for my 8 month old first. Then use it to lighten my thanksgiving oven load.

  174. Julie

    As a working mom of 3 boys I would cook everything in this counter top oven. Anything that saves me time is worth it.

  175. Lauren A

    I would cook muffins

  176. Lisa

    I would love a Wolf Countertop oven. As a vegan, roasted vegetable medleys are the norm in my house. I would let my kids bake tarts, pies and brownies. Basically I would make just about everything in this oven!

  177. Nancy

    Chicken, pot roast, muffins and cupcakes, roasted Veges, lasagna….the ideas are endless!

  178. Kristy

    If I had the Wolf Gourmet oven, I would cook a Thanksgiving turkey in it!

  179. Maryjo Baham

    My 10 yr old has a lot of food allergies, so I would LOVE to cook her hot healthy and safe meals! The first would have to be a delicious filet roast with root vegetables! YUM!

  180. Courtney

    I’d bake muffins for my family and friends.

  181. Nina

    I would use it to make anything and everything from veggies to dessert and all things in between = )

  182. Tracie M

    I would probably roast some veggies, or broil fish for dinner. Living in AZ it would be great to use in place of a full sized oven to keep the house cooler especially in summer!

  183. Katie

    I would make some pumpkin muffins – yum!

  184. Debra

    I would make baked pumpkin fries. Yum!

  185. Nicole

    I think this oven would be great to cook rolls, biscuits, breakfast casseroles, and any number of side dishes. I only have one oven so this would be perfect when I need to cook two things at once!

  186. Pam

    I would love it esp. for Thanksgiving, Christmas and family get together soon when you desperately need an extra oven. Or when it’s just my husband and I it would be perfect on it’s own!

  187. Janice Sanchez

    With my 4 children and 2 boxers… Plus the holidays coming up soon, I would bake pies (which I love to bake) I’ll be able to bake more dog treats and for the holidays I wouldn’t have to bake a day before so that we have space for the turkey and ham. This wolf gourmet countertop oven would make baking, cooking and holidays much more simpler and less stressful.

  188. Kersten

    Veggies, veggies, veggies!!

  189. Selena Mccullough

    I think I’d have to start with some cookies in a countertop oven!

  190. Susannah

    I would love to bake cookies! My current oven doesn’t heat evenly.

  191. Katherine

    I would roast a chicken with veggies and then bake muffins:)

  192. Heather

    Cheesecake! I would go I try ever new recipe I could find. Impossible easy is getting old.

  193. Tirzah

    I would bake chocolate chip cookies!!!

  194. Lee Anne

    I would love to use this r and roast sweet potatoes bake zucchini/carrot bars.

  195. Juanita Garcia

    I would cook everything!!! Any little bit helps when you are working long hours. But I love baking so more than likely cookies or pie. 🙂

  196. Mary Howes

    I would cook anything and everything in the Wolf Gourmet oven. I have a big family with 7 kids. I could definitely use extra oven space trying to feed my hungry gang. I see myself using it for roasted veggies, pizza, muffins, chicken and more. The possibilities are endless.

  197. Samantha

    I would probably make cookies!:)

  198. Ashlee R

    I would roast veggies!!! Then whip-up some pumpkin muffins if I had this oven. Yum!

  199. Louis

    I would bake brownies.

  200. Susie

    I would bake chocolate fudge brownies!

  201. Jennifer Goble


  202. Cami

    That oven would be fabulous for flourless chocolate cake.

  203. Stacie

    Grilled pork tenderloin or flank steak (marinated with balsamic vinegar and rosemary). I would also finish off the vegetables with balsamic vinegar and swap the Italian seasoning with fresh rosemary that grows in my yard.

  204. Tomiko Robson

    Muffins, muffins, muffins! And roasted vegetables.

  205. Julie Bunn

    I would bake chicken and fish as well as cookies and muffins.

  206. Erika

    It sounds AWESOME! I would start with a sweet potato topped pot pie.

  207. Rebeca Pabon

    All the meals that warm and comforts our family at the dinner table: mac n’cheese, grandma’s stuffing, bread, roasted veggies…hungry just thinking about it 😉

  208. Kelly

    I would make my chocolate chip banana muffins!

  209. Alison

    I would bake brownies and oven roasted vegetables.

  210. Alex

    If I had one of these, I’d bake alot more in the summer months because this smaller oven wouldn’t heat up my kitchen like mt full sized oven. I love that it fits a 9×13 pan- summertime brownie sundaes!

  211. Elizabeth

    I would stop heating my entire home with our regular oven and use it for everyday cooking and baking, casseroles, breads, pizza.

  212. Pam

    I would love to cook my blue ribbon homemade apple pie!

  213. Laura

    I love the idea of having a counter top oven! I would cook chicken first, then move into pizza, probably cookies and casseroles. I bet my donut pan would fit! I am forever running out of room in my oven, too, feeding 6 people, and often 8 or more!

  214. Cyndee

    Can’t believe full size pans can fit!!! I would cook everything with this oven, the only hard part is choosing what to cook first! We love eating roasted veggies all year so I think the first dinner would have to be roasted veggies, breaded chicken tenders, biscuits, salad with homemade croutons and either brownies with ice cream or spice cake for dessert – maybe both due to the convection function 🙂 For breakfast, it has to be pumpkin muffins and lunch would be fish and potato wedges for our son. Thanksgiving is our son’s fave, we like to make a scaled down version as a surprise treat for him sometimes and this would make his head explode. We could make it in less time and maybe not have to scale it down – win win!

  215. Julie

    I would bake cookies for sure! Also chicken, enchiladas, potatoes and sweet potatoes, pizzas…everything!!

  216. Yasifina somji

    I would be baking every supper I could in there, if I had this oven!

  217. Valerie

    I would roast veggies for side dishes!

  218. Laura Lee

    I would make Bread Pudding

  219. Stacie

    Baking with my kids would be super easy with this oven!!!! I always freak out with them using the big oven,this may ease my nerves some lol

  220. Sarah B

    This countertop oven looks amazing. I would love to make banana muffins in it!

  221. Azucena Leigh

    I would try baking chicken which I normally fry. My grandson loves my chicken karaage which is typically fried. I would marinate chicken pieces, coat it with some starch and avocado oil and let the Wolf oven work its magic. Broaster chicken would also be good to try in this oven plus lots of healthy desserts for the family and friends.

  222. Rachel

    Roasted sweet potatoes, cornbread and carrot zucchini muffins!

  223. Donita

    I would bake a casserole and cookies !

  224. Abby

    How great is this oven! I would use it for everything- from baking cookies (which I usually do in small batches & freeze the rest) to reheating leftovers for lunches (who likes turning on the oven for a single serving)!

  225. Stacy Gooding

    Everything!!!! Bread, roasted chicken, baked potatoes….possibilities….. Endless!!!

  226. Gena

    Homemade personal pizzas – we love our pizza! Then we’d have to bake up some cookies for dessert.

  227. Karin

    Everything! Would love to have something smaller and more energy efficient to feel better about making a small batch of cookies or doing just one dish for dinner in the oven. That would be great!

  228. Sheena

    I would cook potatoes! They always take too long to cook in my oven so I tend to shy away from them all together.

  229. Jessie

    I would love to make the Roasted Root Vegetables Hash. Then i would bake some cookies 🙂

  230. Kelli

    I would bake potatoes, roast veggies and probably more!

  231. Kristen

    I would roast pumpkin seeds, bake a cake, broil salmon, slow bake sweet potatoes, apples, phyllo pies! I could go on and on!!!

  232. Jennifer

    I would bake muffins!

  233. Jess

    If I had a Wolf Counter Top Oven, I’d make banana muffins asap. 🙂

  234. Cynthia

    We have an 18′ cargo trailer that we use to do outdoor flea markets. The first 8′ has been converted to our gypsy abode. It boast a futon, kitchen island, George Forman grill, crockpot,small fridge and microwave. Wolf’s Gourmet oven would change our survival meals into….well gourmet!!! Beautiful garlic cheese bread ,sprinkled with a hit of Italian seasoning toasted to perfection paired with a REAL baked lasagna. The dream continues on a budget. Thanks

  235. Selena

    I would bake muffins! And cookies of course!

  236. Tammy

    Pizza, roasted veggies, & definitely sweet potatoes- mmm — I’m hungry just thinking of it!

  237. Sharon siodmak

    I would cook roasted veggies first

  238. Staci Langford

    I would bake cookies.

  239. sheena

    pink champagne cupcakes!!!!!

  240. Heather Hughes

    Roasted Brussels sprouts for me and baked morning glory muffins for the fam.

  241. Christina

    I follow a strict AIP diet so Im always cooking chicken, fish, lots of vegetables,and baked gluten free treats.. But root vegetables are definitely what I cook most! Would be great to cut the cooking time as well!! 🙂

  242. Gayle Staton

    I would bake my banana-chocolate chip-walnut (relatively) low-fat bread in it.

  243. Ann

    I would bake muffins for breakfast! And I would also bake bread and buns for lunch, wow I think I might use it for every meal, could pop in a casserole for supper!

  244. Helen

    I don’t have an oven and winning this would be perfect to bake my cheese bread from Brazil! The smell of the Parmesan cheese all over the house… Just yum! . This oven is perfect to cook the messy free meals. From lasagna, pizza, chicken potatoe, chicken wings covered with chicken bouillon, roasted vegetables, garlic bread, vegetable pasta, breaded chicken to cookies, apple pie, etc. and all the yummy food from my home country Brazil 🙂
    I hope I can win this and share some of my recipes.

  245. april de Haan

    The possibilities are endless. I am just beginning to branch out beyond spaghetti for my family. This would help me out so much! I would certainly try this roasted veggie recipe to start! A second oven will come in handy for picky eaters as well!

  246. Andrea

    We’d cook cookies, muffins, and veggies in a Wolf Gourmet Countertop!

  247. Amanda I

    My heating element in my oven recently caught fire :(, so I’ve been using my outside grill and crockpot.this would come in handy for everything you need an oven to make. The first thing I’m sure I’d use it for would be baked Parmesan Chicken. Yummy!!

  248. Margie

    I would roast garlic chicken and veggies

  249. Tanya M

    Ooh! We would like to replace our toaster oven, and I’m putting this Wolf Countertop Oven on our wishlist! Because of the quick preheat time, the oven would be perfect for making a yummy baked oatmeal dish in the morning!

  250. Kathy

    I would start with healthy muffins, but I would use it for everything!

  251. Kelly

    As the mom of a child with food restrictions, and someone healing an autoimmime disease holistically, I never have enough cooking time or oven space for our all-from-scratch paleo meals. I’d use it for root veggies, chicken, breakfast foods, bacon, sweet potato chips – everything!

  252. Megan Wilson

    EVERYTHING! It would be like a double oven!

  253. Christy Wheeler

    The first thing I would bake with this, should I ever own one, would be brownies. Then muffins. Then sweet potato casserole! YUM!

  254. Kristine

    Everything! Why heat up the big oven ever again? Roasted veggies would be first on my list for sure.

  255. Chris Sapyta

    I would bake hot cornbread for breakfast.

  256. Sarah

    Oh I would LOVE to own a wolf oven!! I have a 5 & 7 year old & they love to bake & cook with me. We would use it for muffins, cookies, homemade pizzas, kale chips, the possibilities are endless! We are always making goodies for both of their classes in school & this oven would help so much! I also think that this oven would be a wonderful safer alternative for my daughter to start making things on her own! Thank you!

  257. Monica Navarrete

    I would cook roasted pork tenderloin with roasted beets and sweet potatoes. Yummy!

  258. Suzanne

    I would definitely be roasting a whole chicken. That’s our go to protein these days … its great, except that it makes our tiny house into an oven. So, this would be a game changer for us!

  259. Paulette

    I would be baking my daily bread, dinner on the table faster than ever!

  260. Zeynep

    I would like to make breads. I love to try different kind of breads. WE LOVE BREAD

  261. Amy

    I would roast beef roast, sweet potatoes and carrots. Plus make muffins and reheat all my leftovers!!

  262. Cathy Pham

    I would bake cookies and brownies, then roast a whole chicken with veggies!

  263. Cristina L-S

    I would roast chicken and fish, make pumpkin pie, bake muffins, pizza, homemade bread….

  264. Kristin

    Everything! Cookies, potatoes, carrots, and then I’d start to get inventive and probably forget about my regular oven.

  265. Megan C

    I would use it every day for cooking dinner items more quickly. I would also use it during the holidays to finish items at the same time for the big meal.

  266. Susan

    Sounds like everything!…but cookies first!:)

  267. RoseMarie

    If I had this, I would use it to make everything I make in my wall oven from whole roasted chicken, steak, fish & veggies. And let’s not forget cookies for dessert!

  268. Julie

    I would take advantage of the convection feature to roast veggies and cook things that I normally don’t have time for when I’m trying to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes. And for hot days, the thought of shortened oven time is so appealing! (We have no air conditioning in our house)

  269. Tammy B

    First thing I would make would be some bran muffins for the kids breakfast

  270. Sandra

    I would love to bake chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin muffins to go along with roasted chicken and veggies, all in my wolf oven!

  271. Jackie Newman

    I am not a very good cook and I usually work quite late, so we end up eating very late at night. I have 3 kids, I would cook most of my dishes in this oven as it cuts down on the cooking time and still retains all the natural flavours, which is great!!
    I see that Laura mentioned baking muffins in 11 minutes!! My daughter would love this, I normally buy most of the pastries as there is just no time to bake them.

  272. Heather R

    I would love this for my busy family! Seems we never have time for a healthy meal during the week with school and sports activities. I would use this for many things especially roasted Brussel sprouts!

  273. Melanie S.

    With this oven the possibilities are endless, but for the maiden voyage: muffins!

  274. Airial Sillanpaa

    Everything. I would embrace that sexy red knob and cook EVERYTHING in this oven. From scratch meals for my three children, some serious meat for my carnivore husband, and something healthy-“ish” but sweet for myself!

  275. Maureen

    I would use everyday, to roast veggies for dinner. I wish I had one now bread for the pumpkin bread I am baking.

  276. Melanie Curtis

    Oh My Goodness!!! I would cook everything!!! But, I would mostly roast veggies…’tis the season!

  277. Jamie Theroux

    Hmm, if I were to win…I would probably make a roast chicken or brownies, cookies, egg muffins…decisions, decisions.

  278. Pattie in Vermont

    Baking muffins for early morning seminary would be my first order of business. Twelve minutes for muffins is my idea of a heavenly appliance.

  279. Meg

    I think I would never use my full size oven again if I had one of these. I’d use it to bake muffins and cookies, roast veggies, and bake casseroles and fish.

  280. Aurelia Altman

    I love the size is perfect for my small kitchen!!!!.
    Waking up in the morning, knowing I can make muffins in 11 minutes make my day.
    Getting ready for dinner, knowing I can roast my favorites vegetable cauliflower and browses sprouts in less than 20 minutes makes me happy!!!
    Thank you Thank you

  281. Meeghan

    I would bake my Grandmother’s famous apple crisp!

  282. Carol D

    I have a son with wheat, soy, egg, nut, fish, and diary allergies and I would dedicate this oven for vegan baking, and making his “special” chicken casseroles. Since he can’t eat what the rest of the family eats, this would be easier to use this for his cooking. I truly hope I win because using my big oven for his meals isn’t working out and I was just thinking what could be the answer? A table top convection Wolf oven!! Thanks and bless you!

  283. Melissa Garrett

    Cinnamon buns!

  284. Sarah

    I would use this oven everyday. I’m RN on call for the hospital several times a week and every other weekend this oven would be a real time save ensuring I would eat healthier meals.

  285. Amanda

    I would bake muffins first. Thank you!

  286. Jayne

    Anything that fits in a pan! Probably some muffin to start

  287. Julianne

    I would love to try to roast lamb. I have never made lamb but I think with a new kitchen gadget I might actually try it.

  288. Carin

    It would be a dream to have this because I think I would make EVERYTHING in it!!!!

  289. Jennifer McDonald

    I would probably start by cooking bread or reheating leftovers in it. Then move on to making lunch in it since I like a hot lunch versus cold.

  290. Kim

    I would cook everything in this thing! And I was looking for a countertop oven – I have never had one before and always wanted one. I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen and I have more than doubled my counter space! So it’s time for a countertop oven. Pizza, muffins, cookies, roasted vegetables, the list goes on and on….

  291. Rachel Ann Clark

    Pretty much everything! Lasagna. Roasted potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beets, shrimp. Toast, toasted nuts, croutons. Casseroles of all sorts. And what I am most excited about…..perfectly cooked meats at waist height!

  292. Natalie

    oh the possibilities! breakfast muffins, warming breakfasts, chicken, fish… and desserts of course

  293. Andrea Sharp

    I would bake everything in it! I need to remodel my kitchen and this would be just the perfect appliance to help me still cool all of our meals with out a full kitchen 🙂

  294. Heather Signoretti

    If I had the Wolf I would definitely make some roasted butternut squash. After cutting up the butternut squash I would toss it with a little olive oil, cayenne, cinnamon and brown sugar. I would use the convection setting on the Wolf and the results would be magical!

  295. Amy

    I’d definitely try this recipe for roasted root veggies – yum! And cookies, muffins, pasta dishes, breakfast treats… 🙂

  296. Cassandra K

    Hi Laura! I would make my family’s winter lunches every morning if I won this lovely oven! Also would make my veggie hating son cauliflower and broccoli dipped in cheese and baked as I never have enough time for my regular oven!!

  297. Katrina

    My oven over cooks food and my landlord hasn’t fixed it. So I make do by turning the over down to 300 to cook my food. Sometimes I find myself turning it down to 250 because it cooks that fast. But at least it works With that being said, I love to cook and bake, but my stove burns all my baked goods. So, I would definitely bake breads, cookies, cakes, brownies and cook lasagna, roasted chicken and potatoes, lamb, and veal. I could go on and on. It would be like a new toy for Christmas lol

  298. May Almeria

    I would cook more veggies!! …Instead of just newking frozen veggies in the microwave 🙁

  299. Michelle Hernandez

    I thought I currently owned a very good Cuisinart counter top oven until I saw this one. I am in AWE that it would fit a 9×13 pan. I use my current one daily and on some days, several times a day. I bake, broil, crisp on the convection and toast. Being able to use the Wolf counter top oven to cook and actual dinner for my family of four, while my regular oven is being used for hours on a mismatched temperature would be AWESOME!!! I’d make a pesto roasted chicken and root vegetables in a 9×13 stone baker. 🙂

  300. Darcy Robb

    I would love to make roasting veggies easier/faster. Sweet potatoes, parsnips, squash … mmm!

  301. Terri

    I would cook several of my Thanksgiving sides in this oven – what a time & space saver it would be. We all know what a “prime commodity” oven space is at the holidays, the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven would be worth its weight in gold.

  302. Michelle

    The first thing I would bake would be cookies for my kids! It would be great to have a smaller oven that can do many of the same things a larger oven can do without having to heat up the whole house.

  303. Jen Daugherty

    Allergen free snacks for my food allergic child!

  304. Reshma shah

    I would bake muffins and veggies!

  305. karen blowe

    i would bake muffins every morning and cook fresh vegetables for dinner.

  306. KeithaT

    I would bake everything in a Wolf Gourmet Counter Top oven 🙂 I would especially love it in the summertime.

  307. Natalie

    My choice to bake in this oven would be a whole chicken! I’d love to bake it in less time!

  308. Jodie

    Yummo! This little oven would get a serious workout…..can I say workout when the first thing I would bake in it is a cheese cake? I would also use it to make our lunches quickly. Our delish roasted chicken with broccoli and bacon sounds quick in this little oven. I can just see my energy bill lowering because I don’t have to use the big oven as much or for as long. Thanksgiving and Christmas would become easier too, having an extra oven.

  309. Angel

    Ummm, pretty much everything that would fit in a Wolf countertop oven but especially small batch granola and quiches and muffins and chicken and…

  310. terra

    I would love to have this oven, it would cut down on my cooking time! I would make cookies in it for the holidays along with baking pies so I can use my oven to cook my meats. I would also use it to roast vegetables.

  311. Lynn

    I would like to try butternut squash fries and I bet they would be great in this oven. I think Wolf makes great products! I absolutely love my blender.

  312. Laurie Lewis

    Everything but especially personal pizzas

  313. Stacy L

    I would make baked cauliflower-tots and chipotle chicken cups…two recipes I have been waiting to try.

  314. Sheena burch

    I would use thus oven to bake muffins, bake sweet potatoes to have on hand to eat as i an a busy mom and also roast veggies! Theres so many ways i would end up using this..

  315. Kristy Krehnovi

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet oven, I would do almost everything in it. The first thing though would be probably be some type of casserole in a 9×13.

  316. Christine

    If I had this I would cook everything in it, especially my Seasoned roasted Potatoes, they are my husbands favorite but I can’t cook them if im cooking dinner in the oven because they cook at a higher temperature so it always has to be made when I make Something on the stove top or in the Crockpot. My husband (and kids) would love that. And all the baking….. The possibilities are endless!

  317. Hillary

    I would bake quiches! Our large family loves them, but my oven at home doesn’t bake things evenly. I would love to be able to use the convection setting for a fluffy quiche without having to move it all around the oven every 10 minutes!

  318. latanya

    I would roast a vegetable medley- squash, carrots, zucchini, and broccoli.

  319. Cate

    What wouldn’t I cook with this amazing oven? 🙂 I didn’t even know there were countertop ovens with convection! To begin my cook-a-thon I would start with pumpkin bread with hemp seeds to make the home smell festive and delicious!

  320. Dawn T

    I’d probably use this more than my full size oven! I can see using it for everything, including CPOP soap! But for some reason, I keep seeing a New York Style cheesecake coming out of that.

  321. Julia

    Hello! Thank you for offering this giveaway contest. There are so many foods that can be made in this beautiful oven that it’s hard to choose just one. Since we are a family that believes in sitting down at a table and eating a home cooked meal every night, using this size oven would be amazing to get those meals done quicker and using less resources than heating up an entire full size oven! I would be making our homemade chicken tenders, baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon with roasted brussel sprouts, then while we are eating, pop mini apple pie tartlets in to be ready and warm for our after dinner treat. Have a delicious day!

  322. Jennifer Perlman

    I would make all of my sons gluten/dairy free special treats, breads, and baked goods that I recently started making since he had to go on this diet. We currently have no oven, so this would be AMAZING!

  323. Mary

    If I had a counter top oven I could finally roast chickens in our downstairs apartment (at my in-laws).

  324. Bonnie webb

    Being on a paleo diet to heal an autoimmune disease, I eat lots of meat and vegetables, even for breakfast. I would use it at every meal to warm up my leftovers.

  325. Kristin S

    What comes to mind first is spiralized sweet potato fries! But i’d probably end up using it to cook everything. Looks like an easy way to get great-tasting, healthy, homemade food fast!

  326. Yolanda Dempsey

    I would cook most of my holiday meals in this oven. My oven is small so having this Wolf Gourmet Counter top oven would alleviate the stress of getting my families meals on the table at the same time and still have the food hot.

  327. Tykesha

    If I had this awesome product I would use it frequently. I would cook chicken, soups and desserts mostly. My kids would cook a pizza in it. I would LOVE to have one of these.

  328. Christine

    If I had the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven I would first make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. My oven (which is not convection) frequently burns cookies if I’m not rotating the trays, so the idea that I could pop a tray in and let the stovetop oven work it’s magic sounds, well, magical. I would give Laura’s hash recipe a try as well. A warm roasted veggie lunch sounds wonderful.

  329. Angela

    I would bake macaroni and cheese. The recipe looks AMAZING!

  330. pamela goldberg

    Hmmmmm. Hard to decide.
    Veggies for my homemade roasted salsa.
    Or white and sweet potatoes.
    But probably my famous brown butter butterscotch cookies.

  331. Sheri

    I would cook butternut squash bread! yum!

  332. Tracy

    I would first cook pumpkin and then squash and enjoy this fall season just a bit longer!!

  333. Stephanie

    I would make this recipe from Laura! The beet color on the other veggies looks like fall!

  334. Liz

    I would love to make Roasted potatoes for the kids and cookies without heating up a full size oven!

  335. Elisha

    The question is what WOULDN’T I cook in this beautiful looking oven! I’d make all the old tried and true recipes my Granny has passed down to us kids. Her roast and vegetables and also her lemon chicken for starters! Yum! And to think a 9×13 pan is going to fit in a counter top oven! Awesome!!! Oh, and one other amazing perk- no more reheating leftovers in the microwave! #wolfrocks

  336. Stacy Fellows

    If I had a Wolf oven. I would roast my vegetables and do all of my holiday baking.

  337. Lisa Marz

    What a great product! I would love to cook a roast in the countertop oven.

  338. Rachel

    My Thanksgiving butternut squash casserole! This would free up the regular oven for all the other dishes that need to be cooking/heating at the same time.

  339. Cristina N

    I would bake cookies and muffins galore! I would also be eager to try a whole roasted chicken.

  340. Stephanie

    Pizza, chicken tenders, roasted veggies, yum!

  341. Alexis

    I would roast yummy veggies for my kids that I am teaching to make vegetables the main course.

  342. Jenn

    I would cook EVERYTHING is this countertop oven! Imagine picking carrots, beets and potatoes from the garden in late August and being able to roast them without heating up the whole kitchen! Mmmm….

    The rest of the year, I would bake cookies, muffins and use this to keep my zucchini fritters warm as they come off the waffle iron. Oh the possibilities!! 🙂

  343. Melissa

    I would definately roast chicken, and veggies! Squash, and baked ziti, quinoa casserole, I can go on and on for the use of something like this…. LOL!!!

  344. Cynthia Zalewsky

    Wow, that is a toughie! What WOULDN”T I make in this oven?? Our family has severe food allergies and Celiac Disease which require me to make almost everything from scratch. My kitchen is lacking double ovens which make cooking much more time consuming and frustrating. This little beauty would go to work every single day! It would be used for rising bread and rolls, baking muffins, roasting sunflower seeds and chickpeas, roasting veggies, baking tofu and tempeh, making pizza-you name it. This would solve the problem of trying to get rolls to bake while at the same time needing to roast veggies or cook something else at a higher temp. For once, everything would come out at the same time-nothing would be cold! I currently have a 16 year old Cuisinart convection toaster oven that needs replacing. It is small and I could never fit a normal size pan in it so it really did not help on this front. I love that the Wolf Countertop oven fits a normal size pan!! This bring the appliance up to an everyday use product!

  345. Lisa

    I would use it for nuggets and french fries on the nights our family is too busy to cook a full meal. Then just about everything else I need baked quickly, like garlic bread or a quick batch of cookies.

  346. Anna

    I would roast veggies from the local farmers market.

  347. Martha Specht

    Since my husband and I are both retired, I would cook EVERYTHING in a countertop Wolf oven. I love the fact that a 9 x 13″ pan fits in this oven. How easy it would be to fix quick snacks for my grandchildren when they come to visit which they do very often! Wow! It would make cooking fun again!

  348. Liz Buchanan

    We are “empty-nesters”. A small oven is perfect for us, so I would cook everything! My countertop oven failed and has not yet been replaced. I’m really missing it! And of course at holiday time a second oven is a huge help in serving lots of visitors.

  349. Nancy Glaze

    I would bake a cake. I would love a convection oven.

  350. Melanie

    Wow! I would definitely make muffins and try everything else. Thanks!

  351. Jami Rodriguez

    I would definitely try the recipe above! I would like to roast different types of squash. This seems like a great kitchen necessity to help whip up some healthy meals for your family! #homecookmealsarethebest

  352. Holly Cooke

    I would love to cook muffins, homemade pizza, and egg casseroles!!

  353. Yvonne

    I love that it fits a 9×13 pan! I would make baked potatoes in this oven.

  354. Cierra

    I would make everything!

  355. Vivian

    I would make scones in the morning… Cookies before the kids get home from school… And I would bake chicken pieces with tomato slices on top, for dinner 😉

  356. Ashley

    I would make toddler fun size things with my daughter: cookies, muffins, you name it!

  357. Karla

    I would cook everything from breakfast to dinners and everything in between. I would love a faster cook time when getting the kids lunches ready in the morning.

  358. katherine

    I would LOVE a more convenient way to roast veggies since I do so just about every other night! I would love to try out our favorite roasted brussels sprouts in this!

  359. Carol McKinstry

    What a great energy saver and so much easier and safer for tween age kids to remove hot dishes than it is with large oven.
    As for what would I cook in the Wolf countertop oven, the answer is EVERYTHING!

  360. Carmen

    I would roast vegetables. My three children love their veggies roasted, but cooking the main meal in the oven doesn’t always leave room. This would allow me to get meals on the table faster and enjoy the evening with my family!

  361. Leeenda

    So many things!!!

    naan pizzas
    roast sweet potatoes
    roast asparagus

    And it would be very handy at Thankgsiving… Just think of it.. Along with my dual oven, I would now have 3 different oven temperatures to play with!!!

  362. Kelly G

    I would love to cook everything in this oven. It would be great for summer and entertaining!

  363. Valerie

    What couldn’t I cook?? ☺️ With a large family, I am always wishing for extra oven space…pies! Desserts WHILE DINNER IS COOKING!! Wonderful!!

  364. Marie

    I would bake dark chocolate brownies and then roast squash and sweet potatoes. Drooling just thinking about it.

  365. Kim Smith

    I would use it for most everything! With a mobile Little One it’s sometimes hard to get stuff in and out of the oven without her sneaking up on me. This would be on the counter out of her reach. I have been doing a lot of baking baby finger foods to freeze to have ready for her at daycare, the food they choose there is so sugar loaded so I’m “that” mom that makes her own finger foods to explore!!

  366. Rachel B

    I would use this oven to bake everyday things like muffins, cookies, and breads, and I’d use it on holidays and special occasions to make an extra side dish.

  367. Heather T.

    Today, I would roast some beef bones to make homemade beef stock. Roasted bones always give stock a much richer taste.

  368. Nicole

    I would roast curried cauliflower, burnt broccoli, quiche, roast chicken breasts, and much more!

  369. Brooke

    I would cook everything that I normally do in my oven, it would be so much easier than waiting to heat up my big oven!

  370. Jenny

    If I had a countertop oven, I would roast chicken and veggies for dinner and make muffins for breakfast!

  371. Erica

    The possibilities are endless…..I love roasted butternut squash so that would be the first thing I would try.

  372. Felicity

    I typically avoid using my oven as much as possible because the amount of energy needed and the heat produced in the kitchen. I would look forward to all the little splurges, such as cookies, potatoes and spaghetti squash, nuts, bacon, dried meats, steaks, and more!!!

  373. Kristine

    I would cook veggies and cookies. It seems like the possibilities are endless really!

  374. Cheeze

    Adding some celery root and a dash of oregano to that roasted veggie recipe would be perfection! We don’t have a full size oven in our studio and the door on the current countertop convection oven we have keeps falling off (despite numerous attempts at repairs) so we can’t really use it anymore. I miss roasting veggies so much!

  375. Sue

    I would make a roasted salsa with fresh tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic.

  376. Teresa

    I would cook baked mac and cheese and then finish it off with some cookies!

  377. Rhyanne

    Potatoes & veggies & pretty much everything else I can fit!

  378. WENDY

    I would cook brownies and cookies. I have a peanut allergy in my house and I am forever baking so my son has safe snacks to eat. The oven we have right now will not keep a steady temperature so I have been running around to family members ovens.

  379. Shannon Hightower

    I would roast all kinds of meat, large cuts of meat. We LOVE meat at our house but it can really take a long time to cook some of the more lean cuts of meat and unless you plan way in advance it just doesn’t happen. It would be great to cut that time down and enjoy some of the dishes that we don’t get to eat because of cooking time. Yay WOLF!

  380. Andrea

    If I had a Wolf countertop oven, I would roast a chicken with lemon and thyme! Yum!

  381. Jamie

    I would make dinner in this countertop oven. We were persuaded to buy a Dacor oven 1 year ago and I detest how it blows hot air into the kitchen for such a long time after cooking. In the Texas summer, this extra hot air is a disincentive to cooking.

  382. Annie

    What wouldn’t I bake???potatoes more quickly, oh boy! Veggies, chicken, muffins… Sounds like a dream!

  383. Deb

    I would roast a chicken!

  384. Jamie

    This would be great for veggies and cookies!

  385. Stephanie

    I would probably use it most for time consuming foods that can be quickened during a hectiv work week….rotisserie chicken, roast, fish. I’d think it will also come in handy for the holidays when you have multiple dishes cooking at once.

  386. Donna

    I would cook a pork loin with roasted fingerling potatoes & apples, and then I’d start a list from my favorite recipes to try every night!

  387. Pilar

    I would bake cookies, roast a huge variety of veggies (cauliflower and broccoli; root veggies; potatoes), roast chicken, bake mini quiches..the list goes on and on.

  388. Marisol Torres

    Winning this would be AMAZING! I would make everything possible in here. From chicken, pizza and vegetables to cookies, muffins and other baked goodies. This countertop full sized oven is a must have! Thank you for the opportunity!

  389. Annie

    I would bake buttermilk biscuits to go with roasted chicken! I am always trying to figure out how to time and heat things in a way that the biscuits are fresh and hot when the main dish comes out of the oven!

  390. Jeryre

    I would bake cookies because that’s what my daughters would want to make and this would make it easy for them to bake without using the oven.

  391. Valerie

    If I won this Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven, I would first bake a batch of gluten free oatmeal cookies, using a combination of oat, almond and coconut flour.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this useful appliance!

  392. Helen Bernstein

    I would cook Irish beef stew, the perfect dish for cold winter dinners.

  393. LN

    I would roast cauliflower. It’s our new family favorite.

  394. Nargis

    I would love to bake food for son’s school lunches

  395. Brenda Fletcher

    That looks super yummy. I would use it to roast brussels sprouts. Little olive oil and salt. Yum Yum

  396. Kristina

    I would cook anything and everything in it!! We just moved into our new home, an REO, and due to additional unexpected expenses, we will be using the appliances that came with it. A microwave, dishwasher and stove. BUT the only thing that works is the stove top! Yup, I can’t use the dishwasher, microwave, or oven. So again, I would cook anything and eveeything!

  397. Susan Ziwot

    I would help my tween and teenaged girls bake quick and healthy muffins so they would eat breakfast again in the morning!

  398. Gabrielle

    I’ve never even heard of these! This looks so cool! I’ve always loved using those little toaster ovens that go on the counter because we don’t use microwaves (so unhealthy since they break down the cell walls of your food and evaporate the nutrients from inside!) but I’ve never found a toaster oven that was big enough for our use. I used to cook all kinds of things in our little rinky dink toaster oven way back when, even though it was terribly inefficient I liked the convenience of the countertop. But it eventually died and our family was growing to the point where I couldn’t cook a full casserole for the whole family in it anymore (there’s six of us now with more on the way!). I miss having something to reheat (more importantly TOAST and reheat) as well as something on the countertop that I can roast a chicken in, a larger casserole, spaghetti squash, etc. I’ll bet it uses less electricity, too! With two part time jobs (ops manager for one company and blogger/podcaster for another) and lots of littles I need something to save me time so I can get a nice meal on the table for the husband and kids without losing my mind.

  399. Valerie

    I would cook so many things in it but cookies would be first!

  400. Wendy Dorf

    I would love to bake cookies for my kids for a special after school treat!

  401. Valerie

    Everything! Keeping up with cooking for my husband’s special diet is very time consuming. This would be great!

  402. Kimberly

    I would roast a chicken over potatoes & root vegetables.

  403. Leah

    A small turkey for Thanksgiving, if it would fit. Since I cook for just 1, I would use it for all my baking/cooking needs!

  404. Agnes White

    I would be using it for roasting veggies, chicken, shrimp, lamb and heating up left overs. Would love to have a small roast over. Our favorite is roasted sweet potato fries.

  405. Lindsay

    butternut squash! I have several I’ve been wanting to roast, but didn’t want to heat up the whole kitchen

  406. Susanne

    I have loads of butternut squash waiting to be roasted!

  407. Janette

    I would roasted Kale for kale chips! If win I will replace this oven for my microwave!!

  408. PreK Teacher

    Pumpkin muffins!

  409. Janice P

    I would use it to replace my old electric oven for as many jobs as possible!

  410. fran

    would love this oven to increase my capacity to prepare meals for
    my friends, we just talked about meal-sharing during the week to
    help one another adapt to ever-changing last minute schedules!

  411. Karli

    What wouldn’t I cook if I had a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven???? It would be great to cut down on the preheat time in the winter and the extra heat when baking in the summer. I would probably bake lots of cookies first!

  412. Cathy

    I love to bake everything I can. We just moved into our house my oven is small.

  413. Tracy

    Well it sounds like I could make just about anything in it! I would first my make gluten free banana bread that never turns out right in my oven. Done on the ends but gooey in the middle! Then I would try muffins and cookies. Also would try baked chicken and butternut squash. Possibilities are endless. Guess I would be giving my toaster oven away!

  414. Sarah Troxel

    Everything! Cookies, muffins, cupcakes, roasted veggies, casseroles…..

  415. Aubrey

    I would make baklava in it!

  416. Christa

    I would make everything that I do in my oven!! Cookies, cakes, pies, casseroles, lasagna… oh my!!!

  417. Charlene Downey

    I would cook Mac & Cheese and try this Roasted Vegetable Dish at another time 🙂 Looks delicious!!!

  418. Shel Olrich

    My family is nuts for all kinds of roasted vegetables so that would be top of the list. Fish would be high up there too. Living in Alaska we do seafood a lot and heating a huge oven for it sucks a lot of electricity. I imagine it would be perfect for making bread too.

  419. Amanda P

    Oh my, what wouldn’t I cook is the better question! Seems like this would get used for everything! Especially this close to Thanksgiving. I would love to be able to cook my sides in this while my bird is in the oven! I also meal prep, so this would come in super handy to roast a chicken for future meals. What an awesome giveaway, thanks!

  420. Deena

    Oh gosh! I would cook everything! Roast chicken, casseroles, roasted veggies, muffins…..the list is endless! I would have to try all my recipes just to compare the results of the Wolf countertop oven with my Thermador oven.

  421. Kari Hughes

    I’d roast my spaghetti sauce! It tastes so much better slow roasted, but in a regular oven takes so much electricity and time!

  422. Karen Brown

    I would cook a full homemade lasagna in a 9×13 pan, which is big enough for a family of family. It was save from heating up the house too.

  423. lisa franklin

    i would bake muffins, casseroles, cakes…everything!

  424. Mindy Warland

    I would try some roasted veggies, I can’t seem to get them to work in my oven!

  425. Linda C.

    I would definitely cook cupcakes and muffins, as well as many family dinners to minimize the use of the larger oven. It really looks great and past experience with Wolf confirms their quality and reliability.

  426. Karen

    I would love to be able to cook super health meals that included roasted vegetables or sourdough bread on those crazy nights where dance and karate dictate our schedule!

  427. Chris J

    I would try to cook any- and every- thing in one of these jewels! Seems like a dream come true! I use my regular toaster oven all the time, so a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven would have me over the moon!

  428. Dawn K.

    Breads! I would bake banana bread, lemon bread, zucchini bread. Obviously the possibilities are endless, but my kids love the different breads I their school lunches!

  429. Carrie Campbell

    I would cook roasted veggies and Gluten-Free treats for my girls!

  430. Donna

    I would bake!

  431. Juanita Cristelli

    This oven is the coolest. I would love to make a new apple cake recipe I just found.

  432. Betsy Lewis

    So many things I could cook in such a fabulous oven! Love the idea of not having to use the full-size oven when cooking for just two of us. I want to make coconut coated “oven fried” chicken!

  433. Deb Gray

    It’s fall so I would make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

  434. Shweta

    If I win I first bake cookies for my children. I would also use it to bake mini pizza and vegetable puffs. I would also roast vegetables.

  435. Julie W.

    I would make our favorite side of roasted baby potatoes with rosemary and lemon. YUM!

  436. Tabitha

    My daughter & I would bake sugar cookies & chocolate chips cookies for the family. My daughter would probably make everything she could in it 🙂

  437. Marianne M

    I would first make cookies, cupcakes, macarons, and all kinds of sweet treats, and then pizza and roasted vegetables.

  438. Lauren

    I would roast anything and everything I could. I have a winter share at our local farm so i’ll have every root vegetable known to man waiting to roast.

  439. Sam

    I would cook Salmon and roasted vegetables — trying to eat healthier.

  440. Margaret W.

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet Oven I would make my favorite Sunday dinner – Roasted Lemon Chicken, UMMMM,UMMMMMM Good!

  441. Anne Farias

    I would roast tons of veggies! My kids have a hard time with eating them steamed, so I would love to turn them around with deliciously roasted veggies!

  442. Stephanie

    Pizza, veggies, sandwiches, bread! I need a new countertop oven and this one would be amazing!

  443. Jennifer

    Where has this oven been every year at Thanksgiving? Can you say green bean casserole, sweet potato soufflés, the festive vegan loaf that all didn’t fit in the big oven with the bird? Come to me wolf countertop oven!

  444. Kimberly

    I would make open face tuna melts on a bagel.

  445. Julie

    I would roast butternut squash with garlic!!

  446. Paula

    I would make a warm, cheesy casserole on a cold, rainy night!

  447. Katrina

    I would make overflow cookies. I’d say it would make my kid happier, but honestly I don’t like waiting for the second batch to cool 🙂

  448. Ivy

    This would be fabulous for the holidays when making my famous green bean casserole & sweet potato crunch! It would cut my baking time in half!

  449. Sheri breaux

    I would use this oven as my second oven and cook everything in it. Will be a dream for holidays and family dinners !

  450. Sonya H

    I would love to use it to cook some side dishes (roasted veggies, mock mashed potatoes, dressing, etc.) for Thanksgiving when my regular oven space is taken over by a big Turkey!

  451. Kelly

    I would roast lots and lots of sweet potatoes and butternut squash, my favorites!

  452. Lisa

    I would use it for everything! I cook for me alone most of the time and hate turning on my stove. It doesn’t work well and costs a lot to use. I’d bake, roast, etc. everything in an oven that works well and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  453. Faith

    If I had a Countertop Oven I would make casseroles. Comfort food for the upcoming chilly winter!

  454. Nefertiti Durant

    Waffles on Monday, Cheese Quesadillas on Tuesday, roast Chicken on Wednesday, Vegetarian Lasagna on Thursday, Challah bread Friday, warm cinnamon rolls on Saturday and gluten free bread on Sunday.

  455. Laurie

    I just this weekend learned to make a great sweet potato dish from scratch, and I would love to make that, and probably everything else, in a countertop oven!

  456. Robyn

    I would definitely start out baking a chocolate torte. Yum!

  457. Kellie

    What wouldn’t I cook?!? Morning muffins, definitely!!!!

  458. Gina Macik

    I would make our morning frittata so my kids can have a healthy breakfast. It seems possible with the shortened cooking time due to the convection option.

  459. Liz

    Bones for bone broth!
    Veggies, meat roasts, cookies, quiche, etc.
    The possibilities are endless!

  460. Cindy

    I would use it for our Tuesday after school baking club. (Our club consists of my 11 year old daughter and her friend/neighbor.) Lately we’ve working our way through a cookbook titled “Chocolate – Divine Indulgence” that my daughter’s friend purchased at the book fair at school.

  461. Huong n

    I would bake cookies and brownies!

  462. Carla

    This would be incredible to help cook thanksgiving meal! The shorter time during the week would be a life saver

  463. Jill

    I would bake cookies in this oven with my newly adopted daughter! I taught her to bake chocolate chip cookies the first day she was placed with me from foster care. It’s our favorite bonding activity.

  464. Jennifer Silva

    I would love to cook muffins or cinnamon rolls in the morning for my kids. Ooo.. Or french toast casserole. This could happen since it fits standard size pans. As a working, shuttling mom, I would love to get my kids out the door with some homemade goodness to make their day great! Nothing says love like homemade!!!

  465. Latrisha

    Hey, that’s awesome. I’d make some pumpkin muffins for my family. . ☺. Good luck everyone!

  466. Paul Boucher

    If I had a counter top convection oven, I would roast a Cajun spiced sausage and peppers to go over a nice bed of rice.

  467. Lauren

    I’d have to say we’d be making lots o’ cookies up in there!! Followed by baked potatoes and Pizza! All gluten/grain/sugar free of course

  468. Sara

    Everything! this would simply cooking so much for me.

  469. Anastasia

    Goodness, what would I NOT cook in one of these? I would absolutely love to win this oven- to bake muffins, squash, fish, casserole, rolls, etc. It looks like a fabulous product.

  470. Cindy

    Pizza and everything else oven cooked. I’m looking at this oven to replace my crummy 24 inch wall oven.

  471. Denise

    I would make bbq chicken breasts and roasted veggies!

  472. Katie

    I would bake cookies. Plus get dinner on the table in a flash which is super important since I work later and kids are starving when we get home!

  473. Katie

    I would bake cookies.

  474. Leilani Smith

    Prime rib and a pumpkin Binet cake.

  475. Leilani Smith

    Prime rib and a pumpkin Bundt cake.

  476. Amy

    Nothing!, with this awesome contraption, I would make my husband cook! We know that won’t happen, I would bake by paleo protein bars!

  477. Elizabeth

    I would cook everything! Cookies, meat, veggies, you name it! Looks really great. I actually think it would inspire me to cook more.

  478. Sonja Newman

    I would roast a free range chicken and some locally grown vegetables! Yum!

  479. Tara Kidd

    I would cook everything! But especially muffins 🙂

  480. Miri

    A full 9×13″ pan of sausage kolachi.

  481. Linda Rodgers

    I’d love the oven since it is also convection. I don’t use a microwave and this would be just perfect for my family. First thing I would cook is baked chicken in mushroom gravy.

  482. Jennifer

    I would bake homemade granola, roasted sweet potato fries, focaccia, just to name a few.

  483. Gwen @

    Because it fits a full 9 by 13 pan, we could do our kids favorite giant batch of Sheperd’s Pie! This actually seems like an especially great thing to get the kids baking themselves- way safer for small people than the large unwieldy doors & racks of a full-sized oven!

  484. January

    I would love to use this oven for baking desserts! Perfect to get the brownies going while dinner is in other oven!

  485. Filomena

    Oh my goodness! What a contest! I would cook fish, veggies, bakes goods, EVERYTHING! Would probably take it to bed with me. 😉 Thanks for the contest!

  486. Vanessa

    What an amazing oven! I am a parent volunteer at my son’s school and a volunteer at a senior facility and I often bake treats to give to both centers. With this oven, it is small enough I could take with me to the school and center and make it an interactive event! How exciting! I would also use it for everything in my house!

  487. Charlotte

    Roasted veggies, especially roasted garlic! The fact that this fits a 9×13 inch pan is AWESOME.

  488. Kelli

    If I had a Wolf countertop gourmet oven I would try twice baked potatoes first…..followed by everything else I’m sure. My oven is rather old and takes forever to pre-heat.

  489. Patti Pereda

    Most definately bake and it is the perfect time of year for baking goodies, yum!

  490. Kellie Folkerts

    I would roast extra dinners I provide for sick or whatever/whomever is needed while I make our family’s dinners! Thank you for the chance!

  491. Eun Lee

    I would use it to provide healthful, delicious meals for my family. My daughter would love to bake yummy cookies and pies. And having it so accessible and seeming less intimidating than a wall oven, I would use it frequently to try roasts I probably would not have wanted to try before: roast pork, chicken, beef. It would also replace my microwave oven to reheat foods as we try to consume healthier, better prepared foods.

  492. Juli

    I would roast a chicken!

  493. Marianne Hong

    I would cook everything! I miss my wall oven, and having a small efficient oven again would be great! Counter top height, full size pans and efficiency! What’s not to love. Roasted root veggies is on my roster now!

  494. B Meskimen

    I would use it for everything. I cook and reheat using a toaster oven far more than my conventional oven or microwave (and have for almost 20 years), but haven’t found a brand yet that lasts. Each one has broken after a shorter and shorter time period. Our current one stopped working after only a year. I’d love a chance to use a Wolf.

  495. Lisa T.

    I would make cinnamon-sugar scones to start!

  496. Lisa T.

    Cinnamon-sugar scones would be the first thing I make.

  497. Chelli

    I have two friends that have one and rave about it. . I would love to cook vegetables cookies pizza……

  498. Stacie Englin

    Zucchini Pizza (along with everything else!)

  499. Stacie Englin

    Zucchini Pizza (and everything else!)

  500. Kendra

    If I had one of these awesome wolf oven’s I would bake brownies, roasted chicken with rosemary potatoes, banana bread, morning glory muffins, Christmas cookies, PIZZA!!!

  501. Kristen

    I’d love to roast veggies when I’m not turning on the oven for the entree. Bake quick breads and desserts last-minute without waiting for the oven to preheat (or cool down)!

  502. Sarah

    I think I would roast vegetables every night. This little oven would make it that easy!!!

  503. Joyce

    I would use the oven to help my 11 year old daughter better understand the ease of healthy cooking. She is still intimidated by the full size oven and is not very patient during the preheat times. Baked chicken, homemade granola and roasted vegetables would be a few of our first items.

  504. Jen M.

    Very nice! I would roast chicken, bake cookies, baked oatmeal, maple vanilla pecans, and all the things I would use my large oven for.

  505. Stephanie

    This would replace the awful toaster oven we have had for years….
    I would probably first make pies (the Lebanese ones) with zatar or cheese. My kids LOVE them….
    and I wouldn’t have to turn on the big oven for that 🙂

  506. marla

    I would use it to roast vegetables to have on hand each week. I am trying to get the whole family to eat healthier. kids are in high school now, and i think the quick cooking time for items that they like would get them in the kitchen more too!

  507. Kathy

    Laura, your roasted vegetable hash recipe looks amazing! I would make my roasted stuffed acorn squash for Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  508. Lisa M

    Everything?! All those lovely sweet potatoes and butternut squashes sitting on my counter waiting for the knife…ahhhh..roasted veg soup time!

  509. Thanh

    I’d cook everything, especially since it would probably be quicker to warm up than a full size oven. My kids love sweet potato fries, so I’d make a lot of that. And roasted squash since they are in season now!

  510. Holly Ferrero

    Lots of baked goods like muffins, biscuits, quick breads

  511. Eva Klein

    I would start by baking my favorite low-fat banana muffins, then I would bake a batch of pumpkin muffins. This oven would come in handy when I do my weekend cooking, as I need a lot of oven space for all of the dishes I make for the week. (I work full-time). I can take up an entire oven just roasting the veggies I use all week! Having a dedicated oven to use for roasting veggies would free up space to make other dishes. I could also use this around the various holidays, when I am baking a cooking a lot of dishes. Thank you!

  512. Cheryl Bowe

    I make a roasted root medley almost identical to this recipe, i would definitely make it in this oven 🙂

  513. Sandy

    I would bake a loaf of chocolate banana bread first! Then probably use it most often to make muffins….pumpkin muffins!!

  514. Elaine

    I definitely would be making a ton of after school snacks for my 4 kids with another on the way!!! Muffins, cookies even quick dinner casseroles and hot lunchtime sandwiches!!

  515. Jennifer C.

    Perfect size for my kids to make their own personal pizzas!

  516. Krystal

    I would make roasted peppers and carrots and salmon … yum!

  517. Ilya Welfeld

    I will make anything Laura Fuentes recommends (no joke) but I can see making pita bread with roasted vegetables, warm hummus and then olive oil on top. That and a million other things.

  518. Karen

    I would cook everything in this! I’m only 5’3″ and 8 months pregnant so trying to get pans in and out of my double wall oven is nearly impossible! With a small family we only do a turkey breast for Thanksgiving (and no way I’m lifting a full size turkey right now!) so I could do my entire Thanksgiving dinner without having to lift too much. My hubby would be much more comfortable using this after baby number 2 arrives as well, so we can still eat while I’m recovering. My 5 year old can learn how to make pumpkin pie with me this year without the fear of needing a step stool to get hot pans in and out of the oven. She could just stand at the counter and slide it on to a trivet! On top of all of that, we live in Arizona, so heating up a full size oven in the summer makes for a super hot kitchen, it would be awesome to keep the temp cooler but still have yummy meals.

  519. Jamie

    I would roast sweet potatoes

  520. Sara

    I would cook up roasted veggies and baked goods.

  521. Rana

    I would make everything starting with muffins and cookies for my kids!

  522. Terri M.

    I would love one of these ovens. I would love roasting veggies, baking pies, cookies, breads and casseroles.

  523. theresa krier

    hi, i would roast chicken & veggies for sure, but i’m assuming the possibilities are endless, thanks for the chance to win this oven!

  524. Sheila Arthur

    I would make my famous banana bread and cake!!! Yummy!!!

  525. Joann Woolley

    We would be having baked potatoes more regularly… and roasted veggies! I’m really gonna have to add this to my Christmas Wishlist!

  526. Stacey

    I’m a single mom of two kids who works full time and lives in a southern ca apt that overheats overtime I turn on the oven. What would I make in this you say? EVERYTHING! LOL

  527. Liz

    I would make everything in it! It is so cute and convenient! I love to bake, so that would be the first thing I would do, probably chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!

  528. Andrea

    I’d bake my BREAD in it! I don’t like to bake in the breadmaker and heating up the large oven for just a loaf feels wasteful, so this seems like it would be a great solution!

  529. Valerie Todd

    I would roast bell pepper, brussel sprouts and potatoes! Yum!!!

  530. Angelle

    I would use it for pretty much everything! My 3 teenagers would love it for those after school snacks like personal pizzas. I would love making my sweet potato fries in it I’m sure!

  531. Karibeth S.

    Chicken, sweet potato, casseroles, pizza, muffins, cookies, just about everything! Would love to see what I could do with it!

  532. sarah

    I am from MindStream Academy, we are a school designed for kids whose health, and future, and very lives are on the line — due to obesity, and its attendant physical and psychological burdens. Our kids learn about nutrition fitness, receive counseling etc – this would come in handy for one of our students’ favorite activities – Culinary Class!

  533. Alecia M.

    I love to be in the kitchen cooking, and I’m currently working on getting my 9 year old daughter in the kitchen with me. This would be a safe option for me to incorporate her into cooking with me.

    I would cook everything in this oven! This is a nifty way of keeping your house from overheating. Some of the dishes I would roast would be turkey legs, whole chickens, vegetables, and maybe even a turkey (depending on the size). As far as baking goes, I would bake cakes, pies, cookies, breakfast muffins, and other delicious desserts.

    So this would be an AWESOME addition to my kitchen of deliciousness!

  534. Gina

    I would bake a batch of gluten free brownies 🙂

  535. Polly

    I would bake cookies and muffins!!

  536. annemarie

    I would roast my vegetables and bake some pumpkin muffins.

  537. Tammy Nicholson

    If I had the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven, I would cook anything that I normally cook in my full-size oven, but I would also use it along with my full-size oven so that I could cook more than a couple of dishes at one time. It would also allow me to make muffins in the mornings instead of constantly feeding the kids frozen waffles or pancakes. I am a single mother of 3 very busy school-age children. We are constantly on the go starting at 6:00 a.m. Even our weekends keep us on the go because one of my children plays travel ball. It would be wonderful to have other options for making quick, healthy dishes no matter what mealtime it may be.

  538. Cathleen

    Blueberry Pie!

  539. kathleen Kiley

    Cornbread stuffing

  540. Kimberly Kase

    As a mom of 4, what wouldn’t I cook in there? This would come in handy when I’m baking fun treats for the kids and would help with all my Thanksgiving side dishes; stuffing, candied yams, green bean casserole, spinach casserole.

  541. Dan

    Huevos Rancheros.

  542. Miranda

    What?!? This fits a full sized pan? That is wonderful! I could see this being used more often than my regular sized oven when preparing dinner. My favorite is roasted vegetables and salmon.

  543. Jackie

    I would use this Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven for EVERYTHING!!! We currently have a countertop convection oven that gets used daily. Having a small family, we make our meals in smaller appliances to conserve energy (versus powering up the large oven). LOVE Wolf appliances, they make absolutely great products!! #wolfgourmet #cleaneating #momables

  544. Christina Jangla

    I would make mini egg muffins for my son’s morning snacks or roast chicken and vegetables in the evening for dinner. It sounds like with this oven I could do so much!

  545. Pam

    Baked sweet potatoes

  546. Melanie Jordan

    I would make so many things in it! Definitely I would be making more delicious breakfast pastry items, no longer reserved for just the weekend!

  547. Christina Leedy

    I would use it to make breakfast muffins and snacks for my three growing boys!

  548. Jennifer

    Red is my favorite color and I’d love to have red knobs on my appliances, but I love function much more. This fantastic wolf oven would mean the world to my family as our range just broke, and we are saving to buy a new one. I normally cook 3 meals a day, and take out just doesn’t measure up, plus the cost makes it harder to save for our range. This oven would mean the world to us, I’d cook everything in it!

  549. Jenine

    I would love to make some yummy maple glazed butternut squash.

  550. Lisa

    Would be great for our vacation property where we don’t have an oven. Could actually cook something!

  551. Kathleen T

    Wow! If I had a Wolf Countertop Oven I might never use my conventional oven again. I would cook everything in it.

  552. Kristen

    Sigh. What wouldn’t you cook in this? It puts my existing oven to shame. I would be using this daily, but am most excited by the idea of finally being able to bring all the Thanksgiving dishes to the table at the same time!

  553. HMcKean

    I would cook EVERYTHING!! Including a FULL Thanksgiving meal. I usually can’t fit everything in my oven, so I have to rotate or ask someone else to bring things. With this, I could do it all!!

  554. Kimberly Noelle Smith

    I bake A LOT. And I’m always frustrated with hot and cool spots in the oven, let alone the restrictions on pan sizes. I’ve always wanted an over like this to bake full size sheet pans, and to have convection maintain a consistent and stable temperature range throughout the baking process. THAT’S what I’ve been hoping for for over 10 years, ever since we moved into our new home.

  555. Mary Lou

    I would use the countertop oven for side dishes (like baked corn/corn pudding or scalloped potatoes) and rolls while my main dish is cooking in my other oven. I would also use it to make cookie baking go faster. I could cook 2 pans of cookies at a time. Love this idea!

  556. Diana Miramontes

    I would definitely make chicken enchiladas in this oven!

  557. Thea

    I would cook garlic toasts for bruschetta!

  558. Linda F.

    I would be warming up lunches for school — pita pizzas, mini corndog muffins, etc. It would replace the need for using our standard oven for dinner most days of the week! What an energy savings.

  559. tracy

    I would roast up some butternut squash with brown sugar and cin. Or make cookies for the little one (and the big one too). It’s a beautiful product.

  560. Heather B.

    With this Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven I would bake anything that I currently use my large oven for. Now that we are empty nesters I don’t have the same volume of food, but we enjoy the recipes. An a convection oven would be the best!

  561. Janine

    I would make lots of little pizzas doe my kids

  562. Kelly Storey

    We are all about homemade at our house! My boys LOVE cinnamon rolls and I’ve perfected a great whole grain version they inhale. This would be a wonderful addition to our kitchen. How nice to bake a full recipe in this compact space. Those snowy winter mornings and warm cinnamon rolls… Happy kids=happy mom!:)

  563. Krista

    I would have to broil something…probably salmon. My oven doesn’t have the top broiler feature and after setting fire to a large london broil I have been hesitant to use the bottom broiler drawer, hahaha.

  564. Angela

    All sorts of things! It would be an easy and quick way to cook breakfast muffins and loaves.

  565. Jessica N

    Wow I haven’t had an oven for so long, I would probably cry. I use my little cupcake maker to make muffins and even mini pizza. The first thing I would make is a good old roasted lemon chicken with your delicious roasted root vegetables recipe and an apple pie! That would be just the beginning!!

  566. Jackie P.

    If i had one I would probably make the kids lunches: grilled cheese sandwich variations and personal pizzas – homemade.

  567. Kelly S

    Vegetables! Would be great for my kids to help as well.

  568. Jennifer

    My kids love to make healthy versions of pizza using whole wheat English Muffins, low fat cheese and turkey pepperoni. We also love making roasted sweet potato fries.

  569. Christie Sunderrajan

    I would use it to back fresh cookies after school for my sons.

  570. Ruby M.

    If I had a Wolf Countertop Oven, I would use it to bake our favorite yeast rolls.

  571. Tawnee H

    I would use it for just about everything. How awesome this would be! !!

  572. Veronica

    I would roast brussel sprouts with garlic and balsamic vinegar, which the rest of the family regards as a side but I treat as a main dish.

  573. Jennifer Lejeune

    I would use it for anything of the smaller items I would normally cook in my regular oven. Cookies, Muffins, Roasted Veggies and Fries…

  574. AB

    I don’t think I can narrow the choices down to just one things, but first idea that immediately came to mind was a pumpkin pie for this beautiful November time of year!

  575. Jamie spickler

    I would cook everything it!! Especially since I only cook for one most nights.

  576. Erica Capilla

    I would roast chestnuts!

  577. Michael Kocylowsky

    brussel sprouts!

  578. Heather

    I would Bake everything!! It would be so simple for my older kids to bake their pizzas and taquitos in as well as cookies and muffins and banana bread. Oh the possibilities are endless

  579. Christine Leber

    I’d roast tons of veggies, make kale chips AND super yummy breakfast muffins (and chocolate cupcakes for my daughter’s 4th birthday this month!)

  580. katharine

    holy cow — what would I not cook. my mini convection oven just bit the dust. I bake cookies, biscuts, pizza, potatoes. thanks for the chance for a new one.

  581. Athena R

    I would roast Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

  582. Christa Maloy

    If I had one, I would bake my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, baked potatoes, casseroles.. everything local & in season that needs an oven!

  583. Kerry

    I would roast pumpkin for all my upcoming holiday dishes!

  584. Louise

    Oooooh well as it’s bonfire night coming up it would have to be a lovely stew and dumplings, the ultimate comfort food. And for pudding we would have baked apples leftover from apple bobbing. Mmmmmm – now I’m hungry!!

  585. Amber Canaan

    I would make roasted chicken and sweet potatoes!

  586. Krisbrad210

    I would bake a ham to go along with the turkeythat would be taking up the entire space in my current oven.

  587. Darlene

    I would make my homemade broccoli sausage and asiago cheese breads, grandma’s Pagach with Australian strong cheddar cheese and mash potatoes in pizza dough…YUM and I guess I would just keep baking too…my hubby will be very happy too.

  588. Renae

    I would bake an apple crisp!

  589. Leah

    I would roast golden beets!

  590. Pamela Evans

    I would love to do a juicy roast beef, but those root vegetables look wonderful.

  591. Suzanne Knorr

    I would bake gluten free banana apple buckwheat mini muffins.

  592. IT

    My 2 year old and I would bake cookies for Santa. She would love that she could open the oven door, slide the cookies in, and watch them bake!

  593. Dee Schwark

    I would make Laura’s recipe often, as well as, use it to make pizzas, baking…virtually anything I use my oven for but on a smaller scale or as an extra 🙂

  594. Vanessa

    I would make coq au vin and fresh bread first! I would definitely get a lot of use out of this!

  595. cathie manning

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet countertop oven I would roast a pork loin seasoned with fresh thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper and covered with thin slices of proscuitto. 25 minutes at 450* and good to go!!! In addition to a mighty fine work horse of a machine, it sure does look handsome in the kitchen. While its cooking, make a nice salad and dinner is served!!!!!

  596. Michelle Farnam

    I would make a pumpkin pie if I were to win the Wolf Gourmet countertop oven!

  597. Keré Y. Boyd

    With my children being picky eaters, I would use the oven to bake and roast their special request. It would helpful to have a second oven.

  598. Carollee

    I would roast vegetables. My husband has had cancer and my kids are athletes running up to 40 miles a week. I could do healthy protein and vegetables quickly and easily for my entire family.

  599. Erica A

    I would bake my daughter her favorite turkey burgers and sweet potato bites!

  600. Tina Boothe

    I would love this for the holidays since I don’t have a double oven and always wished I could during those multiple item times! Wishing, wishing 🙂 but my kids would make homemade chocolate chip cookies first for sure with a close second being our zucchini bread!

  601. Arghavan Schumacher

    Pumpkin muffins, mmmm!

  602. Audrey Fendley

    I need this oven!!! I would use it to make oven homemade sweet potato fries, roasted butternut squash, carrots, spaghetti squash, and zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli…everything!

  603. Susan

    I would cook anything & everything in here! Especially homemade chicken nuggets for the kids, and roasted veggies. Looks amazing!

  604. Michelle Avery

    SO many options with such a wonderful little oven…The first thing I would have to try (being the season and all) is to roast pumpkin seeds 🙂
    Cheers all!!!!

  605. Sharon

    I would bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!

  606. Tina LaMontgne

    Sweet potato fries.

  607. Diane Wheless

    While I would probably fall in love with this, I really would like to win it for my grandson who is 11. He is wanting to cook by himself and asked me the other day if he could get an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas so he could do it by himself (he is a “different” learner). I loathe the idea of getting him one of those, and have been looking at toaster/convection ovens. This one seems to fit the bill perfectly. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  608. Jessica

    I’d make everything – cookies, muffins, casseroles… and of course all of the delicious recipes Laura Fuentes shares!

  609. Rebecca Colman

    If I was to win the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven, I would use it as an overflow oven for my conventional oven. My husband and I have 5 children and our oven is tight. We are big believers in eating together as a family and also sending healthy, home cooked meals to school daily. And on the rare occasion, that my husband and I were home alone, this Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven would be perfect to cook a romantic dinner for two in!

  610. Shannon M.

    This sounds like a very useful appliance. I would make pizza, bread, brownies and cookies. Being able to roast vegetables and meat too would be great and would cut down on cooking time.

  611. Theresa

    Would cook my Christmas cookies, rolls, chicken, ham and the list continues.

  612. Chrissy carter

    A hearty beef ragu…mmm!

  613. Valerie Z

    Everything. I hate my oven. But I would have to test it out with cookies!

  614. Kimberly Franklin

    I would bake healthy desserts for my family. I also enjoy baking granola bars and a variety of muffins for my kids breakfast and after school snacks. In addition, to all of the many snacks and cookies, I would cook a plethora of vegetables and yummy dinners that my family loves. Lastly, I would test out the many recipes featured on Wolf Gourmet’s blog…. there are so many great recipes to choose from!!!!

  615. Susan Johnson

    We have been experimenting with cauliflower pizza crust recipes, and disguising vegetables for my picky little guy, so if I won the Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven, we would be sure to continue our “test kitchen” fun 🙂 We love baking pumpkin chip muffins!

  616. Liz Hull

    If I had a second smaller oven I would probably cook everything in it! I hate turning on my wall oven but not everything fits in my little toaster oven.

  617. Camille Fraser

    I would make healthy pizza with my son and not so healthy Christmas cookies that I’ve been promising myself for over 5 years!!! My oven was broken for ages. Its about time.

  618. Rachel Byington

    I would use it for every meal of the day! I much prefer countertop ovens over microwave preparation. My children love to eat everything from waffles & pancakes to sweet potato fries & sandwiches from a toaster oven! It would be a welcome addition to our kitchen 🙂

  619. Amy

    I would be a cooking fool! I would cook all summer long…cookies, roasts, pizza, mmmmm, more pizza! It would be great for winter too! What a great kitchen tool!

  620. Cristina

    Possibilities are endless! I would start with a leg of lamb, roasted vegetables, muffins, oh no, I’m getting hungry now!

  621. Susan j

    Would love to make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.

  622. April

    What would I not cook! Muffins, pizza, toast, roasted vegetables, taquitos, the possibilities are endless! I use my oven every morning to make breakfast and school lunches – this would sure be a time saver!

  623. Dawn sandoval

    Chicken and Brussels sprouts the way my mom makes them!

  624. rebekah

    Cookies…Plus everything else:)

  625. Dawn sandoval

    Brussels and basalmac chicken

  626. Margot C

    If I had a Wolf countertop oven, I would roast pumpkin and acorn squash slices with sweet potato cubes.

  627. Sheri Lyn Mix

    Pumpkin muffins with mini chocolate chips. My 4 year old’s most favorite treat!

  628. Lucy Atkinson

    If I was crazing something sweet, then cookies. If savory, then roast vegetables. Delish.

  629. Crystal

    If I had a Wolf Gourmet Oven, I would love to cook a pot roast with some roasted veggies. My 11yr old daughter loves to bake and would bake cookies and cakes in it.

  630. Geri B

    I would love this oven! We do a huge cook on Thanksgiving Day and deliver hot meals to all working around our church building, usually 200+people! This oven would allow me another space to cook for others!

  631. Dinah

    If I had a Wolf Countertop Oven, I’d make all kinds of things — We cook every day — but the first time I’d make my mom’s brownies. Mm mm.

  632. Kate Schmidt

    I would BAKE!! Plus, it would be wonderful when I host Thanksgiving!

  633. Bonnie Bottoms

    I would give it to my sister in law who would make cakes and cookies and many more things. she is starting her own little bakery from her home. I think she is calling it Sugar Bottoms bakery. She makes beautiful and fun cakes. She also has 7 children to cook for. If she did not want it I would use it to cook for my own 7 children. I would bake Healthy cookies , squash, grain free rolls and anything else we need to make.

  634. Julie Horsman

    I would cook homemade pizza!

  635. Maria Hauth

    I love to bake! My favorite thing to bake is homemade chocolate chip cookies. I like to bake just one batch at a time so this oven would be great for that!

  636. KC

    I would love to roast yummy veggies and make a giant superfoods veggie bowl. I think a countertop oven would be fun to make quick things on the go too.

  637. Heather

    I would bake eggs for the kid’s breakfast and muffins of course.

  638. Sandra M

    I would make roasted chicken, gluten free cheddar biscuits and a gluten and egg free dark chocolate cake! We love our full size Wolf ovens and would really use this smaller one a lot (we have 3 in our family so it would save heating up the big oven so often).

  639. Jennifer R.

    I would try roasted potatoes and mushrooms!

  640. Stacey Rupp

    I would use it to routinely bake muffins and casseroles for breakfast.

  641. Jenny B

    I’d roast garlic and sweet potato fries.

  642. Krista freshour

    Homemade Apple pie!

  643. Kacey

    Possibilities are endless since you can use a 9×13! I would make bacon and brownies.

  644. jenni m

    id try salmon and squash

  645. Susanne

    I would cook everything is this!!!! I believe it would replace by oven!!!! Oh I hope I win!!!!

  646. Jen

    I would roast maple curry glazed fingerling potatoes in my Wolf Countertop Oven.

  647. Susan Miller

    I’d bake fresh muffins for breakfast!!

  648. Charlotte Dongieux

    Grilled cheese sandwiches, toast, heated leftovers, and Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets in the oven instead of the microwave for my 4 yr old stepson:)

  649. Colleen

    Ohh la la! We would love to make a pumpkin loaf cake with s Nutella “crust” 🙂

  650. Becca F

    I would bake cookies, brownies and banana bread!

  651. Bonnie

    Let’s be real, what wouldn’t I try to cook, more so bake with this. Tee hee! It would be the best gift ever!

  652. Melissa Owens

    I would make my kids Laura’s delicious mini frittatas in muffin tins for breakfast on school days! They would probably cook in less than 10 minutes!

  653. Leanna Fatovic

    The question is what wouldn’t I cook in this oven? Nothing! Because you can make everything in it – cookies, pies, cakes, dinner and more!

  654. Michelle

    I’d cook all sorts of things from veggies and chicken to yummy desserts!! Wow sounds so fun!! That thing is cool!!

  655. Heather

    This oven would become my primary oven! I would bake everything in it, most importantly, BROWNIES!!!

  656. ambery

    First roastedveggies and frittatas.

  657. Melissa G.

    I would use the Wolf Countertop Oven to bake yummy but healthy food for my two growing boys and my husband. Some days I feel like they could literally eat me out of house and home! Another oven would be helpful when I cook like crazy over the weekend to help us have healthful meals during the busy week.

  658. Nicole Skinner

    The first thing I would bake would be big, soft pretzels with my children.

  659. Nikkie F

    I love baking so I’d start with scones and biscuits first. Then my Mom’s brownies and ginger snaps. Yum!

  660. Michelle Tsui

    I would roast broccoli! It tastes better than candy. =]

  661. Jennifer Pressotto

    Breakfast muffins and dinner casseroles!!

  662. Susan

    Roasted veggies of course! I use red onion cut into chunks instead of shallots but I’ll give the shallots a try.

  663. Dona Perkins

    I would definitely be cooking some awesome cakes and muffins in one of these countertop ovens! And I love that there is a convection option on it as well. Yummy goodness! 🙂

  664. Cecilia Jones

    I bake gluten free as well as traditional breads, pizzas and treats. It would be awesome to have a dedicated G-free oven in the house!

  665. Elisha

    I would make s roasted chicken and vegetables every week. Treats for my kids too who like to help me cook.

  666. Jackie Culley

    I would cook every single thing in there for every meal because we are in the middle of renovations and “camping” in our own home. I’m pregnant with 2 small kids, and we have been in camping mode for months! This would be a lovely reprieve from the madness!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  667. Katie

    I would cook everything possible with it! It would give me a great excuse to get rid of our microwave!

  668. Tara Hall

    I would definitely start off with baking a batch of pumpkin muffins in the wolf gourmet countertop oven. My kids would love making homemade pizzas.

  669. Joellyn A

    I would use it to bake everything!!

  670. Johanna

    I would make curried butternut squash with apples and cranberries. I would also make breakfast muffins and veggy chips for my boys.

  671. nicole

    ooh…so many things! would love to bake full sized muffins with my daughter who loves to bake!

  672. Mariah Ramsdell

    We gave up our microwave oven due to the reaserch that it was bad for us and our food! That being said we live in Florida so it’s hot much of the year and to be able too not heat the whole house while preparing some yummy Chocolate chip cookies for the girls or philo wrapped asparagus for mom !

  673. Marla N

    Chicken, muffins, and more!!

  674. Krysty

    I would use it to make everything. I can especially see using it in the morning to make quick breakfasts, or at night for quick dinners before we head out to various hockey rinks!

  675. Kristin

    chocolate chip cookies and then everything else!!

  676. Nicole Luff

    This looks incredible! I would roast veggies constantly. We have had a less than stellar diet out of convenience, more than anything. This sounds like the perfect remedy for quick and healthy meals!

  677. Uma Mahajan

    I would love to make roasted potatoes/ vegs on the side, mini treats for my kids and healthy pizza on tortilla 😀

  678. Diana Lee

    Chocolate chip cookies first, weekly roaster chicken and so MUCH more!!!! Thank you for the opportunity can’t wait to loose the microwave

  679. Peyton

    Definitely chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate is good for your, right?

  680. Tabitha Teeter

    I would cook almost everything-roast veggies, muffins, meats, dessert-in this oven. My current oven heats the whole house. This is undesirable in Texas except maybe January or February when it is actually cold here.

  681. Heather

    Hello. I would make cookies with my four year old. His favorite are peanut butter with mini chocolate chips. I’d then make a bundt cake with my six year old since she likes to bake cakes (if the oven will hold a bundt cake pan, if not, we’d make muffins instead). For me, I’d make roasted Brussel sprouts (olive oil and salt/pepper-keep it simple) because I think that’s the best way to cook them, yum!!

  682. Carlyn U.

    I would bake healthy bread, fruit leather, muffins for the kids and why not try roasting a chicken!

  683. Krystal Watson

    I would use it to multitask big dinners, especially holidays!

  684. Sheri

    All thosd sides that cook at a different temperature than the main course!

  685. Nichole Fetterley

    Oh goodness!!! How to choose? Cookies and muffins would likely be first on the list. =] =]

  686. Louise Bergeron

    I would cook as many dishes as I could fit in the oven. My entire breakfast, my entire dinner! I love this concept! No constant monitoring.

  687. Susan Skinner

    If I had this oven I would be able to cook dinner while I have bread going in my regular oven. That would be so handy for my family of six!

  688. Andrew Wanta

    I would definitely make my Crabmeat stuffed Mushrooms.

  689. Melissa

    With two working paretns I cook a lot on the weekend and reheat during the week to save time. If I can save more time by not preheating my big oven it would be heaven.

  690. Kelly

    I would make breakfast foods and desserts.

  691. Melissa Jensen

    I would love to make my sweet potato casserole in this! Or even just a regular roast chicken with herbs and root vegetables. Yumma, I’m hungry!

  692. Natalie Breau

    I would likely roast brussel sprouts or sweet potatoes with maple syrup!

  693. Jennifer Fleming

    First thing I would make would be cookies!

  694. Polly

    I would LOVE to roast a chicken! We used to have convection when in the UK and I miss it’s versatility!! Especially for the crispy/juicy roasts!!

  695. Kathryn Oubre

    I would bake my most favorite food- sweet potatoes! Homemade pizzas would be incredible. My husband’s hobby is cooking so this would be an awesome gift for all of his hard work!

  696. Stacy H

    EVERYTHING but the turkey!

  697. Jessi Krantz

    The sky is the limit if I had a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven! Thanksgiving would be a breeze! I’d cook everything from baked rice to roasted veggies. In.Love.

  698. Paulette

    As a busy mom of three, I would use this ALL of the time, casseroles, desserts, etc….

  699. Nancy

    I would roast a chicken!

  700. Karrie

    I would cook morning muffins. I love to bake cookies, brownies.

  701. Dominique DeMille

    I would cook my absolute favorite Butternut Squash Casserole!

  702. Benilda Glen

    I would definitely step up my baking game. My current regular size oven burns everything but who would need that if I had a Wolf countertop oven that fits a full size pan!! And roasting chicken would be done regularly!!

  703. Lisa-Jean

    Sweet potatoes!! The kids love them for breakfast or quick snacks; oh, it sounds like this oven would cut the whining down by 25%, yay!

  704. Roxie

    The options would be endless but I would really use it for breakfast muffins and cinnamon rolls.

  705. Annette L.

    I would bake/cook/roast everything in a Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven. Must times when I’m making a meal I run into the problem of needing everything in the oven at the same time. Since most items need a different temperature it would be SO much easier to roast the veggies in the countertop while the meat and/or bread bake in the oven and vice versa.

  706. Elizabeth Eaton

    I would love to use it to bake the parmesan sweet potato tots that my toddler loves! I keep the fixings for them ready to go, and it would be amazing to make them in smaller quick batches with this countertop oven.

  707. Judith Zuniga

    I would bake PIZZA!!

  708. Donna Cullins

    I live in the desert so using the oven in the summer heats up the house too much. I would use the Wolf countertop oven to do all my baking (including proofing my bread) that I would normally cook in an oven.

  709. Jessica

    I’d make muffins in the morning and rolls for dinner!

  710. Robyn L

    I would roast veggies and chicken for my family!

  711. Becky Elfert

    Actually I would permit my husband to make the baked ziti he made for me and my mom when we were first dating. He was trying to win us both over and it worked! 🙂

  712. Abi

    I would roast some lamb for my family, or maybe some fish as well. 🙂

  713. Darlene Wideman

    I would roast root vegetables!

  714. Maritza

    A stuffed pork loin

  715. Jillian

    I would make all the things!! It would be really convenient to be able to cook meals quickly during the week – especially the nights I coach basketball. Plus, my son can’t reach the counter so it would be out of the way for him to get hurt. A win-win!

  716. Melissa J

    I’d definitely try roasted vegetables! Anything that cuts down on the cooking time for those is great in my book!

  717. Ashley Timmins

    So many choices!!! I would say fish, nothing is better than the smell and taste of baked fish to me!! just delish

  718. Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

    OHHHHH, the things I would make in this amazing Wolf Gourmet Countertop Oven. I have ALWAYS wanted a Wolf range for its incredibly powerful, consistent heat which produces incredible dishes. In this oven, I would make everything from muffin pan bacon, egg and zucchini cups to my favorite turkey and bison meatloaf to baked good like my beet-iful chocolate cupcakes, oatmeal apple and pear crisp – oh, and Sunday night roast chicken and everything in between. As a busy mom, clean eating advocate and entrepreneur, and a holistic nutritionist, having the right tools to do the job quickly makes all the difference. I love teaching kids how to get into the kitchen and this would make for a great learning tool. I love Laura’s roast veggie recipe, too. Will have to try that with the chicken 🙂

  719. Michele Slais

    I would try every new recipe with roasting that I could. It would make my life so much easier to have another oven especially one that cuts the roasting time.

  720. Marita

    With a Wolf Countertop oven I would be able to make my grandmas molasses cookie recipe. I lost her earlier this year and no matter where I go I see molasses cookies, but none better than hers. I currently don’t have a stove (due to housing management issues). This would make an amazing substitute! I try to make most meals at home so I can have dietary control over Multiple Scerolsis symptoms. This Wolf Countertop Convection oven would be a huge help !

  721. Amy S

    I would try all the wonderful staples of our families Thanksgiving Meal. I don’t get the chance to cook those wonderful dishes because we go home to Alabama for Thanksgiving. I would love to try those dishes at home for my crew of 6. I would also try a whole chicken for just everyday meals.

  722. Rachel Smith

    I would definitely have to roast chicken thighs and cauliflower, tomatoes and chick peas. It’s one of our favorite meals and it would be great to use a much smaller appliance than heating up my small kitchen with the oven.

  723. Meredith

    This looks amazing! I would make cookies first, then try to offset the guilt by roasting vegetables!

  724. Debbie Hausher

    We love cornbread but don’t have it often in the summer cuz I hate heating up the oven. This would be perfect – we could have cornbread every day plus so much more.

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