Korean BBQ Chicken with Asian Coleslaw

Recipe Runner’s Korean Barbecue Chicken with Asian Coleslaw

Barbecue chicken is a summertime staple. It’s one of the most popular items you’ll find at a cookout or picnic next to hamburgers and hot dogs. What’s not to love about juicy chicken coated in a sweet and tangy glaze? As much as I love a good homemade, all-American barbecue sauce, I want to elevate my barbecue chicken by adding wonderful, spicy, salty, sweet Korean flavors to it. With summer in full swing, many people do their cooking outside. The thought of turning on an oven can cause a person to break out in a sweat. However, there are plenty… Read more

Wolf Gourmet barbecue sauce jars

BYOB – Bring Your Own Barbecue Sauce

The neighborhood grills are lighting up and the haze of charcoal smoke is in the evening air. Summer is prime time for outdoor cooking, and barbecued chicken and ribs top our list. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good burger, but the combination of smoky meat with a spicy, tangy, slightly sweet sauce takes us to our personal happy place. How can you achieve barbecue sauce nirvana? Make the switch from the bottled sauce to homemade. Crafting your own sauce lets you control every aspect of the flavor. Not sure where to begin? Our recipe features complex flavors but… Read more