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Avocado Toast 4 Ways with Grandbaby Cakes

I’m probably like millions of other people who absolutely adore avocado toast. For me, it’s the perfect swift breakfast on a busy morning, the midday work break snack or even the low-key dinner option when absolutely exhausted. What makes avocado toast so great is its incredible simplicity and versatility. Flavors do not have to be complicated and recipes don’t have to be daunting to tackle this nutritious meal option. I mix and match avocado toast flavors based on my daily preferences and the convenience of whatever I might have lurking in my refrigerator. These four options are some of my favorites… Read more

Wolf Gourmet Salmon

Just-Grilled Flavor from your Oven: Smoky Lime-Glazed Salmon

This recipe gives salmon an open-flame flavor without lighting up the grill. A mix of chipotle chile powder and smoked paprika coat the fillets, while broiling achieves a smoky char akin to grilling. Salmon is an astonishingly versatile fish whether grilled, broiled, pan roasted or smoked. While we won’t get into all the reasons why, we do prefer wild-caught salmon, which is readily available throughout most of the year. It’s a weeknight dinner all-star, but certainly sophisticated enough for a dinner party. Here we give you a few variations but feel free to experiment with different spice and oil combinations…. Read more

Miso Poached Salmon + Mussels | betty liu

Miso Poached Salmon from Betty Liu

Imagine a salmon that flakes and falls apart at the slightest touch, floating in an umami-powered broth, with that flavor permeating throughout. This dish is simple and takes less than 30 minutes to make. It’s the perfect weeknight meal, made even easier when you have dashi stock in the fridge, ready for use. Dashi stock is a fundamental Japanese base for many dishes, including the ubiquitous miso soup. It’s made primarily from kombu (dried kelp) and bonito flakes (thin flakes of smoked fish), and oftentimes will have anchovies or mushroom as well. I’ve provided a simple recipe for the most… Read more