Creamy Cauliflower Soup | Wolf Gourmet

Creamy Cauliflower Soup from Heather Christo

This creamy, silky, snowy white cauliflower puree is the most beautiful bowl of healthy and tasty soup. I can never get over how pretty it is, and therefore it has made many appearances on my dinner party tables, and makes an absolutely perfect starter for Christmas or New Years dinner. The best part (besides its good looks) is how light it is. I sip the hot soup directly from the bowl, and have been known to finish a whole batch myself over a day or two- eek! I love a drizzle of truffle oil on the top, but have garnished… Read more

Pumpkin Soup plated

Curried Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup prepared with a hint of curry and the richness of half and half is a satisfying meal for a cool fall evening. Add the ingredients, turn to the SOUP setting and the blender does the rest of the work for you. In less than six minutes you will have a ridiculously creamy soup heated to the perfect serving temperature. Pair it with crusty bread or a crisp pumpernickel panini with roasted turkey and Gruyere. Canned pumpkin is best to use, as fresh pumpkin varies widely in flavor and moisture content. Garnishing the soup is optional; toasted pepitas add… Read more

Roasted Parsnip Apple Soup with Baked Lotus Root Chips from Betty Liu

Roasted Parsnip Apple Soup with Baked Lotus Root Chips from Betty Liu

  A wedding photographer based in Boston, Betty combined her love of food photography and experimenting in the kitchen to share visually-focused recipe stories over at le jus d’orange. She loves to re-create and share her mother’s traditional Chinese recipes, bringing a bit of authentic Shanghai cuisine to readers’ virtual feasts. Her recipes are often flavored with Asian touches, as Betty loves to incorporate the ingredients she grew up with into desserts and other dishes to create new flavor profiles.   Carrots are always receiving attention due to their vibrant colors and heirloom varieties, and I love carrots, too, but… Read more

Provencal Tomato Soup

Provençal Tomato Soup

Situated on the sunny Mediterranean coast and featured in paintings by Cézanne and Van Gogh, the Provence region of France boasts amazing food. Plenty of red wine, postcard-perfect scenery and afternoon-long leisurely lunches are all part of its international charm. Enchanting villages dot the hilltops, and in the summer there are seemingly endless fields awash in fragrant lavender and willowy sunflowers. Who doesn’t love Provence? You can evoke the flavors of Provence using a combination of sweet and savory herbs with a hint of fennel from neighboring Italy. A velvety smooth, fresh tomato soup with the distinctive combination of Provençal… Read more

Thai Carrot Soup in the Wolf Gourmet Blender

Confidence in Every Step: Thai Carrot Soup

Inspired by the Thai soup tom kha gai, this vibrant orange soup is stunning (especially in a white bowl), and has a combination of sweetness and spice ideal for lunch or a light dinner. Coconut milk adds rich creaminess and also keeps this soup dairy-free. Cutting the carrots into large pieces is fine – the Wolf Gourmet blender can make quick work of the ingredients without any unnecessary effort on your part. Once the prep is complete, fill the blender and select the soup cycle. The high speed of the blades is enough to create friction to heat ingredients as the blending takes place…. Read more

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