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Simple Supper: Potato Manchego Omelet

Spain’s most popular cheese is Manchego. Made from sheep’s milk, it melts beautifully, and has a distinctive taste that pairs well with potatoes. Chef Aldaberto Diaz shows you how to make a Spanish omelet to serve as an appetizer, brunch entrée, or a light supper.   Wolf Gourmet cookware blends high performance multi-clad stainless steel with elegant, ergonomically designed handles for an unequaled combination of form and function. All of our cookware is crafted in the USA and designed to last a lifetime. Durable 7-ply construction with an aluminum core offers superior performance and even heat distribution so you can… Read more


Cook with Confidence: Chicken Roulade

Celebrating the end of the year with friends or family is certainly a special occasion. Planning a menu for guests with different dietary needs, however, can be a challenge. You may have friends who are gluten-free or following a paleo diet. With this classic (and impressive) main course, you can take on dinner planning with confidence. Roulade is an excellent dinner party entree and making it is easier than you might think. Just butterfly the chicken breast and pound to about ¾ inch thick. Season with salt and pepper, then top with prosciutto, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes. Tuck the ends… Read more


Bring on the Brussels

You pushed them around on the plate as a child, hoping your mom would think you ate some. Now, Brussels sprouts have made a roaring comeback. People are actually craving them! The mighty sprout fills up Pinterest pages as aficionados share their favorite recipes for nutrient-packed side dishes. Chefs, home cooks, and bloggers alike have taken this humble little cousin of green cabbage and brought it to wonderful new heights. Gone are the days of steamed sprouts smelling up the kitchen. Meet Brussels sprouts 2.0. Boiling and steaming is out, sautéing and roasting is in. Spending time in a hot… Read more

gougeres | Wolf Gourmet

Cook with Confidence: Gougères

Light and almost ethereal, taking a bite of a still-warm gougère is a magical experience. I served them recently at my book club dinner as an appetizer, and people went absolutely crazy for them. “You made these?” I felt like a celebrity chef for a few minutes as they all clustered around the tray. Someone requested I make them for her company’s upcoming cocktail party. I declined, saying, “You can make them yourself, they don’t take long at all.” A dubious stare ensued. Armed with a wooden spoon, you can make these impressive, savory French cheese puffs. The recipe starts… Read more

roasted beet salad | Wolf Gourmet

The Centerpiece Salad

I have to admit, I am more of a summer salad girl. Or at least I thought I was until we tasted this roasted beet salad from the Wolf Gourmet kitchen! It takes a whole different turn with cool weather ingredients. We don’t mind heating the oven to roast some vegetables, and hearty grains take the place of lighter ones. A main dish salad is a nice change and very easy to prepare. Toss greens with a vinaigrette, a selection of vegetables and aromatics, and perhaps some nuts or grains, and you have what you need for a filling entrée all in… Read more

Wolf Gourmet | pot roast

Classic Comfort Food: Pot Roast

Summer salads and grilled vegetables have had their moment to shine. It’s time for slow-cooked, hearty comfort food to re-emerge. Pot roast is one of the most frequently searched recipes – it’s been a mainstay of family meals for centuries. A recipe with a long history, it originally was a general term for browned meat cooked with vegetables in a covered vessel. Pot roast began appearing in cookbooks in the late 1800s, but the process of slow cooking in liquid, known as braising, is centuries older. Most cultures have their own special version. Mexican carne guisada, Italian stracotto di manzo,… Read more

fish taco Wolf Gourmet

Cozumel Courtyard Fish Tacos

Vacation memories frequently include meals enjoyed in a beautiful setting. There’s a place in Cozumel with the most amazing courtyard of lush, tropical plants (and live music on Tuesdays). You perhaps know the one. Everyone seems to order fish tacos and margaritas. There’s definitely some magic happening in the kitchen, the tacos are so good! After coming back tanned, rested, and yearning for a return trip, we tried to create the recipe here in the kitchen. We analyzed what exactly made these tacos so amazing. We obviously can’t recreate the setting but maybe by having a couple tacos and a… Read more

Flank Steak Wolf Gourmet

Sear Pleasure: Flank Steak with a Sweet Salsa

Known for its intense beefy flavor and quick cooking time, flank steak is a summer favorite. It absorbs marinade like a sponge, which is great because the combination of acid and spices both flavors and tenderizes the meat. Our recipe takes an Asian twist with a marinade featuring soy sauce, fish sauce, and fresh ginger. You might have a bottle of fish sauce lurking in the back of your kitchen cabinet. It’s right next to the pomegranate molasses and rose water if your pantry looks anything like mine. If you don’t have a bottle of fish sauce, be sure to… Read more

WG Pan Sauce Sauce Pour

Cook with Confidence: Make a Restaurant-Style Pan Sauce

A glossy pan sauce turns an everyday chicken breast into a restaurant-worthy plate, and thankfully, pan sauces are simple to master. Not only are they made in the same pan used to pan-roast your centerpiece ingredient, but they can also be quickly made while it rests. You’ll be able to make a lot of different versions of this easy sauce in mere minutes, giving your chicken breasts, steaks, and fish fillets a whole new flavor profile every time. After pan-roasting the protein and setting it aside to rest follow these steps for making the pan sauce. Sauté your aromatics: spoon… Read more

Wolf Gourmet barbecue sauce jars

BYOB – Bring Your Own Barbecue Sauce

The neighborhood grills are lighting up and the haze of charcoal smoke is in the evening air. Summer is prime time for outdoor cooking, and barbecued chicken and ribs top our list. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good burger, but the combination of smoky meat with a spicy, tangy, slightly sweet sauce takes us to our personal happy place. How can you achieve barbecue sauce nirvana? Make the switch from the bottled sauce to homemade. Crafting your own sauce lets you control every aspect of the flavor. Not sure where to begin? Our recipe features complex flavors but… Read more

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