The unofficial start of summer has arrived. Our culinary team is thrilled to lighten up the menu, develop some refreshing, summery cocktails, and serve some patio-friendly meals to friends and family. To celebrate we have teamed up with chef and much-loved blogger Heather Christo for a giveaway to start your summer.

Included in the giveaway is a Wolf Gourmet high-performance blender and an autographed copy of Heather’s new cookbook, Pure Delicious: 200 delectable recipes free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish and cane sugar.

Welcome Summer Giveaway Heather Christo


Heather created this gorgeous cookbook after she and her children were diagnosed with several food allergies and intolerances, and she had a hard time finding delicious recipes her family could enjoy. Packed with beautiful photography and recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts, this cookbook is an especially wonderful resource for anyone with allergies or intolerances. The fresh, whole-food recipes are suitable for any level cook with the easy-to-follow instructions.

The Wolf Gourmet high-performance blender has infinite speed control for complex recipes and four pre-programmed settings for walkaway convenience. Prepare summer favorites like 2-minute strawberry ice cream, spicy grapefruit margaritas, or fresh pea soup .


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170 comments on ““Welcome Summer” Giveaway”

  1. Cathleen

    I have to say my favorite summer recipe is sangria!

  2. Bonnie S

    Smoothies! And cold soups!

  3. Karen

    I love to make smoothies

  4. Allyson

    My favorite summer recipe has got to be gazpacho! It’s so easy and refreshing on a hot day, and the best part is that the leftovers only get better!

  5. Alexandra Robertson

    My favorite summer recipe is watermelon feta salad and cold pasta salad with pesto!

  6. Chely f

    I love making piña coladas!!

  7. Caitlin

    My favourite is strawberry Panna Cotta

  8. Amy P

    Anything on the BBQ – nothing like that smoky flavor!

  9. Jeffrey

    My favorite summer recipe is grilled vegetables from my garden…Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn and peppers to name a few!

  10. Dana S

    gazpacho! all varieties

  11. Diana Salinas

    Anything that you can cook outside in the grill.

  12. Debbie Held

    My favorite recipe is Asian Chicken Salad and Spicy Tuna Sushi Bowl from the Pure Delicious cookbook!

  13. Amy Hall

    There’s several things make me think summer, not sure they count as recipes, though! Iced tea, homemade lemonade, BLTs, just easy stuff so we have plenty of time for the pool! But I also drink lots of smoothies this would come in handy for. Our current blender stinks.

  14. Bridgett Wilbur

    I love to make fresh vegetable salad from the garden.

  15. Steph

    I love to make pesto

  16. Kel

    My favorite summer recipe is anything into the ice cream maker — even just mashed bananas turn out great!

  17. Brianna Wolin

    Edamame Corn Succotash!

  18. Rachel

    My favorite summer recipe is grilled corn on the cob.

  19. Kostas

    My favorite summer time recipe is creamy hummus with vegetables!

  20. Bianca T

    fresh salads and green smoothies!

  21. Gloria R,

    During the summer I love to make salads and quiches. I bought a toaster over specifically for summer baking and it gets well used as quiches can be served hot or cold and can be experimented with using different ingredients and flavors.

  22. Tina G.

    We make a lot of shakes and smoothies!! I very much enjoy a Strawberry

  23. Heather S

    BBQ chicken 🙂

  24. Nadia Martin

    My favorite summer recipe is pretty much anything we can grill on the bbq ! 🙂

  25. Julie Murphy

    BBQ hamburgers I love

  26. Shawn

    I’d say my favorite summer meal…flour and cornmeal dredged and fried softshell crab sandwich, with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a little mayo.

  27. cheryl larimer

    My favorite summer recipe is fresh caught walleye or pan fish with a salad and fruit. Of course if I can eat it outside … all the better. In Minnesota you have to enjoy every minute of nice weather.

  28. Debbie D

    Watermelon and feta salad. So refreshing and when I get goat’s milk feta, it doesn’t bother my lactose intolerance. YES!

  29. Lauren Bishop

    Not exactly a recipe but my favourite summer food is salad because you can add anything to it! I choose whatever vegetables are in season, add a nice grilled protein (steak, chicken, salmon!) and pile it all on top of some mixed greens. Add your own balsamic vinaigrette and you are good to go. Endless variation. 🙂

  30. Lisa

    I like to make caprese salad.

  31. Ashley Helg

    Favorite summer recipe is BBQ grilled burgers!

  32. linda

    i love making mango smoothies

  33. Thia

    Love that Wolf has come out with a high-performance blender!! The infinite speed control enables precision blending…And it’s easy on the eyes, too.

    I have a few classic recipes that I make every summer, to mark the season:
    A silky smooth chilled cucumber dill soup, a tomato-cucumber-pepper gazpacho, an heirloom tomato caprese salad, fresh corn chowder with new potatoes, zucchini and peppers, and a vibrant basil pinenut pesto.

  34. Suzi D.

    I love grilled peaches!

  35. Kim

    I love pasta salads for summer

  36. Samantha

    I love a good fresh salsa….just chop up cucumber, tomato, avocado, add a little cilantro and salt and pepper….so fresh and tasty. I survived on this through the summer when I was pregnant.

  37. Shawna O

    My favorite Summer recipe is Chicken Fajitas loaded with fresh grilled veggies and with homemade salsa and guacamole!

  38. Roseanne

    Favorite summer recipe is making vegan cheese and putting it on everything!

  39. heather

    Fresh basil pesto with pasta

  40. Amy L

    My favorite Summer recipe is Caprese Salad, made with the tomatoes and basil we grow in our garden. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I can’t wait!

  41. blyskalp

    Great Sweeps keep up the good work.

  42. Brenda Haines

    I have so many favorites, it’s hard to choose just one! But, I’ll say one of my new favorites is cucumber, avocado and feta salad.. with a squeeze of lemon. 🙂 Simple and so good!

  43. ouida stokes

    My favorite is making milkshakes for my grandkids.

  44. Susan C.

    My favorite Summer recipe is grilled shrimp that has been marinated in fresh squeezed lime!

  45. Jessica miller

    I love my smoothies!!

  46. Melissa Johnson

    I love to make fresh garden salsa & smoothies during the summer!! I like to use frozen berries, yogurt & juice & i like to throw some chai & flax seeds in it!

  47. Annmarie W.

    My favorite summer recipe is just simple pasta salad!

  48. Derek

    Pina Coladas!!

  49. Garelyn Williams

    Blueberry papaya smoothie

  50. Gina

    My favorites for summer are steak and veggie kabobs for the grill with street corn salad.

  51. Angela Hendricks

    I love grilled chicken over a salad in the summertime.

  52. Rhonda

    My favorite summer recipe is nachos.

  53. Kathy Gleich

    Fresh fruit blended into smoothies is a summer favorite for me!

  54. Eva Mack

    corn on the cob

  55. Laurie Okuno

    Red Sangria and grilled fish!

  56. Karli Nagy

    I love choc pb banana smoothies

  57. Sarah Hollifield

    I love cooking anything and everything on the grill! Yummy Yummy

  58. Shaylee Hardman

    I love smoothies or some salsa for summer! I just love food so anything really sounds good haha

  59. Carol Norton

    Guacamole is my favorite!

  60. Robert


  61. Heather Poindexter

    I love homemade ice cream on a hot day.

  62. Peter D

    Grilled veggies and fruit smoothies!

  63. Barbara

    I don’t really have recipes for them but I love taking cold pasta and throwing in whatever fresh veggies I have – uncooked, blanched, grilled or steamed. Then I toss it all with some kind of light dressing.

  64. katie

    My favorite summer recipe is a tropical smoothie, it’s a great way to cool down and make sure I have enough fruit for the day.

  65. Susan Jordan

    My favorite summer recipes are any meat and/or veggies we grill! We all love that charcoal flavor! Favorite from a blender would be lots of different fruit smoothies! Thanks!

  66. Jessica davis

    Grilled pineapples to add to some good grilled burgers!!

  67. Theresa Molesky

    Margaritas of course!

  68. Margaret King

    BBQ and potato salad

  69. Debra Sluis

    I love to make salads. Salads of all types.. pasta salads, salads with greens and meats. Nothing better for hot days than salads.

  70. Steve Weber

    My favorite summer recipe is a cold spaghetti noodle salad… so so good

  71. Russell Moore

    My favorite is slow smoked BBQ brisket.

  72. Irinak

    Kale salad with strawberries

  73. natalie hartmann

    Strawberry smoothies are the best!

  74. DJ

    I love watermelon fresca.

  75. Kiersten

    I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  76. Tammy Iler

    Hot dogs and hamburgers or grilling steak


    I always make Chicken salad during the summer.

  78. Sharon Bennett

    Texas caviar, full of avocado, artichoke, black eyed peas, onion, tomatoes, cilantro and basically any other good veggie you want

  79. christopher h

    strawberry chocolate smoothies

  80. shannon fowler

    my favorite recipe is pretty much anything on the grill.

  81. Jake becker

    My favorite summer recipe is bleu cheese burgers.

  82. Barbara Brooks

    My favorite summer recipe is strawberry shortcake made with local strawberries and homeade shortcake from scratch. Always make at least for my sister for her June birthday.

  83. Betty Shoemaker

    My fav recipe for the summer is homemade icecream

  84. aaron Matteson

    watermelon and potato salad

  85. Lynn

    I love homemade salsas!

  86. Marina

    My favorite summer recipe is a watermelon, feta, and mint salad! Yum!

  87. ellen

    pizza on the grill.

  88. latanya

    strawberry daiquiri

  89. MAry

    Summery cold Strawberry soup!

  90. Jennie

    BBQ chicken is probably my favorite summer recipe.

  91. Dawn Monroe

    One of my favorites is chicken salad.

  92. prasert

    i love making smoothies

  93. Amy Gieszl

    Favorite summer recipe is a fresh chopped salsa, either fruity or spicy, served with grilled chicken.

  94. Nataly Carbonell

    I love watermelon smoothies !

  95. bonnie newman

    ribs on the grill and frozen margaritas

  96. Annamarie V

    My favorite summer recipe is tabboulah salad, I can eat it everyday.

  97. Julie H

    My favorite summer recipe is a cucumber salad with tomatoes, feta and pita chips!

  98. Aaron H

    I love bruschetta!

  99. Guillermo Gonzalez

    Pina coladas

  100. Colleen Boudreau

    Taco salad.

  101. Laura Carew

    My favorite summer recipes are full of greens and herbs.

  102. Elicia P

    I love anything on the grill and off the grill homemade Popsicle (made with pureed fruit)

  103. Denise Bigley

    I love a good mango smoothie

  104. Melissa Robinson

    fruit salad

  105. Theresa Jenkins

    fresh tomato salad made with red wine vinegar

  106. Becky Winkler (A Calculated Whisk)

    My favorite summer recipe is no-churn mocha ice cream!!

  107. Laurie Strawbridge

    Favorite Summertime food is homemade watermelon sherbet

  108. cassandra m

    I love having grilled chicken with a fresh avocado salad 🙂 yum!

  109. Crystal Sell

    My favorite is just getting all of my favorite summer fruits and making a fruit salad!

  110. Brenna

    Need a need powerful blender like this one!

  111. GL

    I love mango smoothies and nut butter.

  112. pghjaime

    Love a good smoothie.

  113. karen

    My favorite summer recipe is gazpacho

  114. Jennifer Brady

    My fav summer recipe is a Sangria Smoothie!

  115. Dorothea

    My new favorite is Blackberry Ice Cream Sodas using Blackberry syrup that I make from blackberries that I pick myself!

  116. Cindy Vincent


  117. Aliyia

    anything on the grill and a mojito!

  118. Ali Celestino

    I love grilled squash and zucchini and fresh cold watermelon!

  119. Amber Deuel

    Summer drinks!!!!!!

  120. Tina sneed

    Avocado bean dip!

  121. Ashley

    I love grilling with our Big Green Egg in the summer and coming up with new marinades to go with our dishes!

  122. Birdiebee

    My favorite summer recipe is shrimp pasta.

  123. Clarissa Ma

    My favorite summer recipe is the Cobb Salad by Against All Grain’s Danielle Walker.

  124. Melissa

    Smoothies for a snack or a meal!

  125. Heather

    My favorite summer foods are hotdogs fresh from the grill. Get some potatoe salad and other sides and have a party.

  126. Tina W

    I love pasta salad filled with grilled garden vegetables.

  127. Kellie

    Love to make banana smoothies and vegan ice cream!

  128. Lisa

    My family’s favorite summer meal is BBQ’d baby back ribs, homemade potato salad and strawberry margaritas! And homemade salsa and chips to nosh on with those margaritas.

  129. Michael Rockwell

    My favorite summer recipe is my special frozen Margarita!

  130. Ruy Morris

    One of my favorite summer recipes to make is homemade hummus. I like to serve with fresh veggies.

  131. Jenniferanne

    Mine is Ice Cream. Of course, that’s year around! LOL

  132. Mary Songer

    My favorite is rare cheeseburgers on the grill with grilled onions and peppers and corn on the cob.

  133. Michael Perkins

    Something frozen & full of Liquor is what appeals to me on a blistering Phoenix, Hell inspired day..

  134. Dawn wright

    My favorite summer recipe for a watermelon smoothie!

  135. Dawn wright

    My favorite summer recipe is for watermelon smoothie!

  136. Sarah Hayes

    I love making fruit smoothies

  137. Olga Oviedo

    This is perfect for my smoothie addiction!

  138. Allyson Bossie

    I love a good frozen margarita during the summer!

  139. eyshon salahuddin

    Favorite summer recipe would contain anything barbecued and something cold to drink.

  140. carol clark

    i like chicken salad and i love love tuna salad in the summertime its light and not heavy for me i just love it

  141. jeani b

    i love summer recipes that are light and fresh and simple. summer is busy and fun and i don’t want to be burdened with cooking! 😀

  142. Stacey ruiz

    My favorite summer recipe is homemade potato salad, something cool is so nice in summer heat.

  143. Michelle Coles

    I love a fresh strawberry salad!

  144. Rust

    I love a cold pasta salad with tomatoes, blanched broccoli and snow peas, avocados (and anything else in season that catches my fancy), with my homemade garlic basil creamy dressing.

  145. wayne h

    I love to use my grill and experiment with home made marinades.

  146. Angela Cash

    My favorite summer recipe is chilled strawberry and mango soup.

  147. Amanda Gardner

    Fav summer recipe is homemade ice cream

  148. manda

    I love summer squash and onions.

  149. Lynda McMillen

    Homemade ice cream!

  150. Laura Royal

    I love cucumber salad b/c it’s so light and refreshing!

  151. Jamie Hammel

    We love making fresh banana strawberry ice cream

  152. jules m.

    my fave summer recipe is homemade bruschetta. it is so refreshing and light on a hot summer day 🙂

  153. Mandi Smith

    I would love to make Smoothies with the Blender

  154. Rebecca

    Shrimp tacos with homemade guacamole and Pico.

  155. Brandon Sparks

    I love my homemade fruit smoothie..

  156. Sarah Mayer

    I would make my own pesto first.

  157. Lee Shaver

    Crawfish boil

  158. Kathryn

    Salsa is my favorite summer recipe!

  159. Julie

    I love fruit smoothies in the summer!

  160. Connie Merritt

    Cold spaghetti salad with lots of vegetables is my favorite summer recipe!

  161. Steven Cook

    Smoothies the ultimate nutritious chiller!

  162. heather c

    Any salty-sweet watermelon salad and all things mango.

  163. Breanna Pollard

    I love to make chicken wraps.


    I love the summer just so I can eat my watermelon and berry salad!

  165. Dagmar Finch

    It’s called “green sauce” and uses up all the left over boiled eggs from Easter. You put all sorts of wonderful fresh herbs in the blender, then mix that with the chopped eggs and sour cream and serve it over boiled potatoes. Great, now I want that!

  166. Wendy Sebastian

    My favorite summer recipe is Asian Coleslaw. Crunchy, fresh & delicious!

  167. Annie Ellis

    summer salads

  168. Heather Hayes Panjon

    My Favorite Summer Recipe Is Grilled Chicken Kabobs.

  169. mary h

    Drinks with fresh fruit – blended!

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