Grandma’s Apple Cake

apple cake | Wolf Gourmet

She never uses a recipe, just creams the butter and sugar, adds a few scoops of flour and a teaspoon or two of some other ingredients, dollops in sour cream and some chopped apples, stirs it all up in a cracked stoneware bowl and pours it into a baking dish generously greased with butter. Sliced almonds are sprinkled on top. She bakes it at 350. That’s all I have. You probably have one of these bakers in your life. There are no splattered cookbook pages or newspaper clippings from the 1980s in their kitchen. The classic stable of recipes is… Read more

Meatballs for Dinner

Lamb meatballs | Wolf Gourmet

One of our most popular posts on the blog has been for Sarah’s Sunday meatballs. So, we knew we had to come up with another meatball recipe. We tossed around some ideas and decided on these savory lamb meatballs. They are seasoned with the bright flavor of lemon zest, a generous amount of garlic, and can be served in a pita (our favorite) or atop rice, in a big romaine salad with feta and tomatoes, or alongside some roasted red potatoes. There’s really no wrong way to serve these, as long as you have plenty of tzatziki. The popular Greek… Read more

Expand Your Soup Repertoire

fennel soup | Wolf Gourmet

It’s good to have a few soup recipes you can call on again and again for an easy meal. We think it’s time to change up your soup routine with something a little different. Fennel. Not familiar with fennel? I wasn’t either until a few years ago. In season from mid-fall to early spring, it’s most often associated with Italian cuisine. My first foray into cooking with it involved a very dull knife, a giant fennel bulb, and an extremely large bunch of Swiss chard. The dish involved some serious knife work, but after one bite of this sweet aromatic,… Read more

Classic Comfort Food: Pot Roast

Wolf Gourmet | pot roast

Summer salads and grilled vegetables have had their moment to shine. It’s time for slow-cooked, hearty comfort food to re-emerge. Pot roast is one of the most frequently searched recipes – it’s been a mainstay of family meals for centuries. A recipe with a long history, it originally was a general term for browned meat cooked with vegetables in a covered vessel. Pot roast began appearing in cookbooks in the late 1800s, but the process of slow cooking in liquid, known as braising, is centuries older. Most cultures have their own special version. Mexican carne guisada, Italian stracotto di manzo,… Read more

Quick pickle

Pickled Radishes

A perennial favorite and the star of the latest craft revolution, pickling is making a comeback. Whether adding crunch and spice to your brown bag sandwich, or standing in front of the fridge (with the door wide open) eating them right out of the jar, there’s nothing better than a good pickle. You can spend an afternoon in the steamy kitchen boiling a brine and dealing with hot, sterilized quart jars or if you are short on time, take the quick pickle route. It’s easy to make your own briny, salty, goodness to top all kinds of things: avocado toast, fish tacos, or… Read more

Satisfy Your Cookie Cravings

Wolf Gourmet | peanut butter cookies

Early this year, we had an entire working lunch completely dominated by discussion about the latest season of Making a Murderer, and a few of us non-Netflix people (yes, they exist) sat there nodding politely because we had no idea what anyone was talking about. So this summer we have remedied our lack of Netflix knowledge, much to our coworkers’ delight, and can now confidently speak about any of the recent seasons as well as the classics. We also learned binge-watching an entire season of a show on Netflix requires snacks, and lots of them. After the giant bowl of… Read more

Extend your summer nights with soup

Wof Gourmet | Zucchini Soup

As the lazy days of summer begin to wind down, we want to maximize our time spent enjoying it. Spending less time in the kitchen means more time for outdoor pursuits, or perhaps relaxing on the patio with a glass of wine watching the sun dip below the horizon. However you spend your summer evenings, a quick meal can get you where you want to be in no time. Sure, you could get takeout on the way home. But what if you could make something in the time it takes to stop at the local deli? Our culinary team came… Read more

The salad inspired by a sandwich

Napa Cabbage Salad | Wolf Gourmet

Everyone has a favorite sandwich, from the crisp, salty Reuben to the classic, gooey grilled cheese, and kid-friendly PB&J. We have found from taking the bread out of the picture (thanks Paleo and gluten-free friends) there are certain components of sandwiches that can stand on their own as a side dish or meal. Taking our favorite part of a sandwich and turning it into a summer salad was a no-brainer. This fresh and vibrant cabbage salad was inspired by the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich, which always includes crunchy, tangy vegetables, some heat from a chile, and the pop of fresh… Read more

Zaru Soba with Chilled Watermelon from Betty Liu

watermelon soba | Wolf Gourmet

During these hot and humid days, I want nothing more than something chilled, whether it be a quick tossed salad or more likely, cold soba noodles. Traditionally, soba noodles are served cold with an umami-packed dipping sauce, and they are perfect for summery days. The dish is simple, refreshing, and my choice meal during the summer. The dipping sauce can be a mentsuyu sauce, made from seaweed and bonito, and it works because of its intense umami flavor. Chilled it has so much flavor that soba noodles need simply be dipped and slurped up. I decided to make another dipping… Read more

Cozumel Courtyard Fish Tacos

fish taco Wolf Gourmet

Vacation memories frequently include meals enjoyed in a beautiful setting. There’s a place in Cozumel with the most amazing courtyard of lush, tropical plants (and live music on Tuesdays). You perhaps know the one. Everyone seems to order fish tacos and margaritas. There’s definitely some magic happening in the kitchen, the tacos are so good! After coming back tanned, rested, and yearning for a return trip, we tried to create the recipe here in the kitchen. We analyzed what exactly made these tacos so amazing. We obviously can’t recreate the setting but maybe by having a couple tacos and a… Read more

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